New Industry & Gutta Muzic Present - Bangers Instrumentals Vol 15


01-St. Laz Intro Prod. By Dr.G
02-Uncle Ruck - Alabama
03-Ranks - U.K
04-Hareez - U.K
05-Tone Chop - Binghampton Ny
06-Yd - Switzerland
07-Freestyla - Spain
08-Rgif- The Bronx
09-Maro Deur - Germany
10-Tone Chop - Binghampton Ny
11-Dr.G - London
12-Zen 1 - New Jersey
13-Yd - Switzerland
14-Telly - Canada
15-Tone Chop - Binghampton Ny
16-Young Beezo- Philly
17-Tone Chop -Binghampton Ny
18-Freestyla - Spain
19-Zen 1 - New Jersey
20-Young Beezo - Philly
21-Ju Fresh- Texas
22-Tone Chop - Binghampton Ny
23-Dr,g - London
24-Tone Chop - Binghmapton Ny
25-Maro Deur - Germany
26-Yd - Switzerland
27-Zen 1 - New Jersey
28-Hareez - U.K
29-Uncle Ruck - Alabama
30-Young Beezo- Philly-
31-Tone Chop - Binghampton
32-St.Laz Ft Divinci - Born To Be King - Prod By Freestyla
33-St.Laz - 5 Boroughs - Dj Kayslay Exclusive
34-Vain Ft Jim Jones & St.Laz - Show Off
35-Lucky Don - My Son - Prod By Ty Fyfe
36-M.Reck (Gutta Muzic)- Gully Life
37-Opium (Pottersfield)- Hiphop - Prod By Dolmang
38-Jew Dew - No Love - Prod By Casa One
39-Valdon - Im The Boss - Prod By Dg Beats
40-Mos Wanit - Line Of Fire
41-Mos Wanit - Rockstar

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Belongs where it says...

in tha gutta-----This sampler is garbage, truth is i couldnt even browse thru it, cuz of that motha f'n screaming he had at the beginning of every song...haha do ur self a favor and take that off-or killyaself...

i agree

i feel bad for the producers...i can't listen to that shit with the voice tags at the's annoying...ur doin more damage than good for these cats
YoungStylistic's picture

should have known to pass

should have known to pass this one up when I saw Nicki Minaj on the cover. smh The last Bangers was ok. What happened? St. Laz didn't have any of the producers from the last mixtape & it's an obvious difference. I'd say it's safe to skip this one