B.o.B. - No Genre


01 Beast Mode
02 So So
03 How U Do That
04 Feet Don't Fail Me Now F. T.I. & Spodee
05 Higher F. Playboy Tre, Cyhi Da Prynce & Bun B
06 Shoot Up The Station
07 Not Lost F. T.I.
08 Cold As Ice
09 The Watchers
10 Batman Flow F. Donnis
11 American Dreamin'
12 Grand Hustle Kings F. Young Dro & T.I.
13 Dr. Aden
14 Attraction
15 Game Time
16 I'm Beaming (Rmx) F. All City Chess Club

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I hope this is a good tape. I liked his other ones, but his album didn't sit right with me...
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now THIS is the B.o.B I knew...

got damn this shit should've been released on an LP its so good. No genre >>>>>>>>> TABOR by far. B.o.B is off that wack ass pop shit on this mixtape so dont come in here commentin like yo im not listenin to this cat because of the album. if you really been fuckin wit B.o.B since 2008 like i have you know dude can spit. he gets the fuck off on this one. dl now...
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That's what I'm sayin'. I understand that artists need to make their money, but if you listened to anything BUT his album you would know this dude has talent.
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This shit Is Overall Dope.

This shit Is Overall Dope. But Still Not better then Pilot Talk 2..Just Sayin.
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Yet again fatwest another random dickhead comment, one good thing i can say about you is at least your consistent. FIX UP LOOK SHARP!

not lost was made a long

not lost was made a long time ago but orther than that its good long live b.o.b
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^ Too much hype above..

I didn't see what ya'll gettin all hyped and hard-on's about on this.. it's decent.. Track 1 was nice lyrically but came out last month but the beat is cliche', Track 5 is different i dig it, Track 9 is a keeper, Track 10 production alone is worth keepin it but the whole track is Album worthy..
The rest was dull or not good at all to me..
I didn't listen to his album so i can't judge him by it..
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Who gives a shit!

Who gives a shit!
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I give a tiny little shit.

I do. I would like to hear all kinds of opinions. Except from you. You can just shut yo fat delusional ass tha fuck up already!
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I been sticking to old

I been sticking to old school albums lately but new b.o.b. is always a plus.
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me 2

ive been deep in early 90s records lately, how about you? i like this no genre thing, but im hopin others dont catch on to it as an excuse to run their mouths. creating a new genre to fit you, takes skill. B.O.B. is climbing his way up.. he'll get his true shine, in due time .repdom.
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Dude can spit i give him that, it just seems all this new rappers nowadays sound the same to me. Back in the day you had niggas that had their own unique sound such as Pac, Biggie, Bone Thugs, Scarface, and so on... Aint nothing unique about this dude, just another nigga trying to kick knowledge with a dull voice.
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You can't expect that much

You can't expect that much from new artists. the best were in the old days!!!! the new one's only trying too.....
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wow do I have a choice?

I'm gonna listen to that but... woww it looks to good to be real...........
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where he's going???

Well,,, he do not have any style, wow he got it all.... is it rnd,hip hop, rap? I think this guy searching for something.... ok ,track is good, the voice is good, lyric's good. He got too much at the same time to be a artist like a rapper or a rnb singner or ... WE just don't know what kind of artist he is..He do not have any style.......... I think , he just whant to sing and do music and sing. BUT....... HE is good! I dit like it anyways You said that I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing.....!
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whyz this at the top?

thas his beast mode huh.. i mean he got a crazy koo flo but he aint talkin bout shit.. thumbz down
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Mr.Southwest, moderator...hhhmmm go kill yourself

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Whateva You Unemployed

Whateva You Unemployed Mouthafucka, Atleast i have better shit to do then start shit with people i dont know, Later Fags I gotta job To Do.
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Mr.Southwest wrote:
Whateva You Unemployed Mouthafucka, Atleast i have better shit to do then start shit with people i dont know, Later Fags I gotta job To Do.
Nice comeback you dumbfuck, your mum should have had an abortion.. your a disgrace, go kill yourself Fuck What You Said..
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stands for big ol bithces
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EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
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WESTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE KILL BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
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I like this one...

I like most of B.o.B.s stuff until he just plain raps because he sounds too much like T-Pain when Pain raps... Otherwise I like BOB. This tapes worth the DL.
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BoB got wack after he blew up and started doing too much pop music. Do I blame him? No. But ya'll should check these dudes out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14kBycyWtUI


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EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)


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BoB is something different

BoB is something different to listen to. A little variety thrown into the world of hip hop/rap that we can appreciate every now and then. "Always Keep That Good"


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What the fuck is up with

What the fuck is up with this? This is nothing but modern day pop bull shit that i wouldn't even use his lyric sheets to wipe my ass with.
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I feel You man

All these tracks have potential radio play in em, and B.O.B. is just Grand Hustles Drake just shit for white boys to be thug with