Bobby Creekwater - Back 2 Briefcase 2


01 Intro
02 Boyz On The Block
03 October 19Th 819
04 The Aroma Memix
05 Lust For Life Memix
06 Warm Up
07 Invented Checks
08 Harder
09 Farewell
10 Wasted Memix
11 A World
12 Definition Of Creek
13 Whatever U Want
14 200 Grand
15 I'm So Cool
16 Business Man
17 Outro

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Boyz on the block go hard az hell! So does track 4!! This whole damn thang go hard!! DL this now!!!
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Yea this shit is fire, I

Yea this shit is fire, I think I like this one better than the Curren$y although there both fire. Cookin Soul has a Big Pun remix comin today that should be some more heat. This past week made up for all of January!
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I aint had a chance to listen to that Curren$y yet but i take your word for it. What i wana know is, WHERE THAT TRAP OR DIE 2???????
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well this not all that good but not bad and i can see why M dropped him and held on to cashis cause cash will eat this nigga alive...but trap or die 2 been pushed back and slick pulla tape cloverfield dropn later on cant wait for that shit....and congrats to them saints on there superbowl win... party, party, party!
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thank 4 dat info on tod 2

thank 4 dat info on tod 2
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Honestly man...Dillmatic,

Honestly man...Dillmatic, Farewell to Def Jux, The Dills, Smokee Robinson, 9th Invented the Remix, and the Big Pun tape im waiting on---theres wayyy too much good music circulating right now
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bobby creek is sick. em drop

bobby creek is sick. em drop the mans album...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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a lil above average