Bobby Creekwater - Prevenge


01 - The Arrival Of Lord Wolfgang Creek
02 - This Changes Everything
03 - Come Closer
04 - Like It Used To Be
05 - I Thought Youd Never Ask
06 - Grand Standing
07 - Pastor Ism Speaks
08 - On Demand
09 - Everywhere
10 - Celebrity Face
11 - Bravo

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Is this the new Glee CD?

Is this the new Glee CD?
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I gotta at least check this out...

...Bobby Creek has skill. But sometimes I really dig his shit and other times I simply don't vibe with it. But dude definitely has lyrical talent! I also saw an add in xxl for a tape that was on here a week or so ago that I almost clicked DL but didn't. After the add I checked it out today. Shit wasn't too bad. No comments on the tape so not sure if anyone listened to it? It was that David Dallas- The Rose Tint tape. Definitely worth the DL in my opinion... Ima listen to this Creek tomorrow at work...
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Long time no hear from bobby

Long time no hear from bobby