DJ Famous - Jim Jones VS. Jay-Z - The Boss Of Bosses Pt.1

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01. Jay-Z (Addressing Dame Dash) - Lost One
02. Jim Jones feat. Max B., Mel Man - Sour Diesal
03. Jay-Z - Diamonds Is Forever
04. Jim Jones feat. The Game - Certifed Gangstas
05. Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek - Coming Of Age Pt.1
06. Jim Jones - Ring The Alarm Freestyle (Dissin Jay-Z)
07. Jay-Z - Kingdome Come
08. Jim Jones - Harlem
09. Jay-Z - 22's Freestyle
10. Jim Jones - Reppin Time
11. Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek - Coming Of Age Pt.2
12. Jim Jones feat. Diddy, Baby, T.I., Dro - We Fly High (Remix)
13. Jay-Z - Show Me What You Got
14. J.R.Writer feat. Jim Jones, Hell Rell - The Goonies
15. Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, DMX, Beanie Sigel - More Money, More Cash, More Ho's
16. Jim Jones, Jha Jha, Diddy, Paul Wall - What You Drinkin On
17. Jay-Z - Im Feelin It
18. Jim Jones feat. Trey Songz - Summer Wit Miami
19. Jay-Z - Song Cry
20. DJ Unk feat. Andre (Outkast), Jim Jones - Walk It Out Remix
21. Jay-Z - U Dont Know
22. A Smash feat. Jim Jones - Don't Front

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why is jim jones a boss now?

why is jim jones a boss now? because he's beefin with jay? he doesn't even run the label he's on(diplomats) which is ten million times smaller than def jam, and used to be a part of the roc, which jay was ceo of both. not sayin jim jones isn't on the grind right now, but he's not in the same class of jay, not too many mc's are.

you right but jay is a ugly

you right but jay is a ugly mf though..
Cam got em on the style shit