DJ Fade, DJ Diggz, The Boy Bucka - Bullets Over Broadway

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1. You cant stop us(dj fade,dj diggz)
2. Live-the boy bucka(prod by steve griff)
3. Bullets-the boy bucka(prod by big zik)
4. The boy-the boy bucka,opium(prod by blunt)
5. Bring us down-the boy bucka,st laz,opium(prod by joey baggs)
6. Champagne-the boy bucka(prod by lokken load)
7. The gucci store-the boy bucka,juice(prod by venum)
8. Blast first-the boy bucka
9. Dyckman-the boy bucka(prod by venum)
10. Stack billz-opium,the boy bucka,st laz
11. Striplicious-the boy bucka(prod by big zik)
12. My religion-rave roulet,the boy bucka(prod by steve griff)
13. Walking in the air-st laz,opium,the boy bucka(prod by hotch)
14. High times-the boy bucka,rave roulet(prod by dj 730)
15. Just for a little while-the boy bucka(prod by sincere noble)
16. Dyckman battlegrounds-the boy bucka(prod by venum)
17. King of this lifetime-the boy bucka,jo jo dancer(prod by wild will)
18. Pottersfield dons-the boy bucka,opium(prod by street level)
19. The ring-the boy bucka(prod by dj 730)
20. Self hatred-the boy bucka(prod by venum)
21. Spark-the boy bucka(prod by sketchman)
22. Bucka boy-the boy bucka(prod by venum)
23. Deuce feva-the boy bucka(prod by venum)
24. Buckaniro-the boy bucka(prod by venum)
25. Expressions of death-the boy bucka,sidd(prod by steve griff)
26. Save the game-the boy bucka,st laz(prod by audi cas)
27. Whats good-the boy bucka,jojo dancer,st laz,opium(prod by joey baggs)

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Bucka is hot! No

Bucka is hot! No doupt...He's talkin lessons from laz, how coulnt he be!
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Word Up

Son go hard as fuck -- don't sleep on da kid bucka