Opium - White Bitch


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Hit the break to watch the music video for the title track White Bitch!

1. (00:02:53) Opium - White Bitch (Prod. By Casaone)
2. (00:03:23) St.Laz & Opium -
3. (00:03:35) Opium - S.E.X. (Prod. By Jeremy Sylvester)
4. (00:02:33) Opium - Fresh (Prod. By 2ugly2hold)
5. (00:04:20) St. Laz - Shorty Wip Wop (Feat. Opium) (Prod. By Freestyla)
6. (00:03:10) Opium - Don't Hurry (Feat. Gemma Adele) (Prod. By Jeremy Sylvester)
7. (00:02:59) Opium - Say Cheese (Prod. By Casaone)
8. (00:03:18) Opium - Wutz Poppin' (Prod. By Moscow Mark)
9. (00:04:22) Opium - B What It B (Feat. J.u-ice, Blitz & St.Laz) (Prod. By Casaone)
10. (00:04:15) Opium - O.P.I.U.M. (Prod. By Krowbar)
11. (00:03:40) Opium - In Da Zone (Feat. Misphit)
12. (00:03:36) Opium - Kop Killa (Prod. By Ju Fresh)
13. (00:03:00) Opium - Fernando (Prod. By Rgif)
14. (00:04:36) Opium - Killa Squad (Prod. By 2ugly2hold)
15. (00:04:40) Opium - Pottersfield (Prod. By Casaone)
16. (00:04:04) St. Laz & Pottersfield (Opium, Wooden Souljah & The Boy Bucka) - Thermometers (Prod. By Casaone)
17. (00:04:24) St. Laz & Pottersfield (The Boy Bucka & Opium) - Crooks & Crack (Prod. By Rgif)

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mr young n sexy's picture

LOL this nigga put taylor

LOL this nigga put taylor swift and miley cyrus in the video half these bitches in the video aint even white like angelina jogie and jessica alba
yeanukka's picture

this nigga go hard as fuck

this nigga go hard as fuck .. on the real son look out for the kid. Wun Double O


IStillHatePosers's picture

this video sucks

that alone makes me not want to download this clown shit. *Fucking with them Tarheels*

This is pure Comedy.

Like Wakka and Gucci. Short Yellow Bus Comedy. What.There all serious and it's not comedy. SMH at black people.
yeanukka's picture

What is your race, if you

What is your race, if you dont mind that I ask?

This shit 1-hunnit

Ay, this nigga ain't lyin. White bitches do be holdin it down. LMFAO. That song and video go hard as a bitch! I know it looks stupid but let's be 1-hunnit, for the most part white bitches do what the fuck they told. " TRYINA FRONT WHEN YOU SEE ME IN THE CLUB... BITCH, YOU KNOW WHO I AM "
dninc's picture

Could've at least got a decent bitch

Could've at least got a decent lookin white bitch, the one he got dancin on him look like a old ass dude that took too much estrogen pills. LOL.. nikka's don't be caring, they think they got them a gem when they got anything that closely resembles a white bitch, all them trailer park rejects i be seein nikka's all hugged up with be hilarious when i see em out and about. Here's a lesson nikka's, if you gone fuck with a white Bitch and yo white homeboy wont even fuck with her SHE IS A UGLY REJECTED BITCH THAT CAN ONLY GET LOVE WHERE SHE CAN GET IT!.. If you can pull a fine ass bitch and you got the white boys jealous and the black girls hatin then you did somethin, other than that you nothin more than a silent joke.
bluntsworth's picture

LOL That bitch looks like

LOL That bitch looks like marilyn manson wtf?
dninc's picture




This shit is pretty good 7/10 dude got a good sound and the beats hit. No bullshit this is worth a d/l. All he talk about is fuckin hoes, it gets no better than that. " TRYINA FRONT WHEN YOU SEE ME IN THE CLUB... BITCH, YOU KNOW WHO I AM "
Northside Allstar's picture

Dude a fuckin clown....

Dude a fuckin clown.... Check doe, dis aint nothin to do wit dis shit but im just now giving Wiz a chance and dude go bananas. Him and Curren$y retarded together im talking peanut butter and jelly type of shit...
yeanukka's picture

This aint no wiz or currency

This aint no wiz or currency tape..yo son go hug a nigguhz nuts on otha site homeboy, this is strictly HETEROSEXUAL - Aiyo why niggas judging the white girl shit... NIGGAS AINT EVEN LISTEN TO THE LYRICS AND ARE ALREADY JUDGING. Now that is some yellow bus shit. Yall some clowns... for real...
henderson's picture

Hell yeah this shit jam and

Hell yeah this shit jam and that video is corny but arent white bitches corny? I thought so im convinced in downloading.