By Tha Roots - Pay Me With Attention (Hosted by DJ Ill Will)

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01. Intro
02. Cool Shit
03. Kindergarten Crush
04. I Feel Good
05. Mistah Musiq Man
06. Don't Let Me Fall
07. Say Whats Up
08. Hit 'em
09. Must Go On
10. The Break Up (Skit)
11. I Hate Love
12. Made For This
13. Float
14. On My Time
15. Holdin' On
16. Take You Home
17. My Love
18. No Cure
19. I Got That
20. I Know You See It
21. Outro

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something new

listened to their single on, kindergarten crush, they decent...haven't downloaded but its one of those things that you gotta be into to really feel it.
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good shit something new is

good shit something new is always good


773 All DAY. This tape is decent.Got some good joints on here. 7/10

No one wants to hear some

No one wants to hear some little kids talk shit.