DJ Smallz , Greg Street & Nappy Roots - Cookout Muzik

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1. (00:01:09) Dj Smallz & Nappy Roots - Southern Smoke Intro
2. (00:04:45) Nappy Roots Feat. Greg Street - How U Like Me Now
3. (00:02:17) Nappy Roots - Gucci Shades
4. (00:04:07) Nappy Roots - Tinted Up (Album Exclusive!)
5. (00:03:43) Nappy Roots - From Another Planet
6. (00:03:13) Nappy Roots - Hot
7. (00:02:32) Nappy Roots - Southern Smoke
8. (00:03:2 Nappy Roots - Sell It
9. (00:02:56) Nappy Roots - Gangsta
10. (00:02:19) Nappy Roots - Midwest Freestyle
11. (00:03:56) Nappy Roots - Thats Them
12. (00:04:29) Nappy Roots - The Way It Is
13. (00:03:53) Nappy Roots Feat. Malachi - Suit Pressed
14. (00:03:30) Nappy Roots - Awnaw Remix (C-Wiz Mix)
15. (00:04:00) Nappy Roots - The Man
16. (00:01:14) Nappy Roots - Fish Scales Freestyle
17. (00:04:07) Nappy Roots - She Like Dem Superstars
18. (00:03:10) Nappy Roots - Good Day (Part Ii)
19. (00:03:10) Nappy Roots - Never Give A.....
20. (00:03:19) Nappy Roots - Hold On
21. (00:03:40) Nappy Roots - Celebration
22. (00:00:35) Nappy Roots - Nreg Outro

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illwill83's picture

nappy roots

looks good going to dl and see i will comment when done listennnning. haven't heard from deez boiz in a while. holla at cha boy!!


Yeah dat's wassup right here, ain heard from dem in a minute 4-really.


yessuh these my niggas reppin the ville 502 baby yessssir
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this is the shit

the second track won this for me this shit is badass. i missed these boys man [áþôñé
illwill83's picture

nappy boiz

no doubt the second track is killah!!! definitely worth downloading, need more nappy mixes, the whole tape is sikk. holla at cha boy!!

2nd track

Man, I listened to that 2nd track like 10x in a row. Its just amazing. B. Stille dropped his best performance on a track and didnt hold back. Its a must listen. Got some other bangers on there too.

Yo this mixtape is

Yo this mixtape is outstanding, they not talking all that lame talk...well it something different.

Amazing tape, it's real hip

Amazing tape, it's real hip hop lyrics over dirty south beats. I really like it, real down to earth stuff... for once!

i havent heard these fooz in

i havent heard these fooz in a minute...since tha AWW NAWW HELL NAWW song!!


bstille ripped it on #2....i would mess wit him....gotta listen to it...they all ripped it...but stille killed it all on #2...and he started it off...

Nappy Roots Producer

Producer of track 6 "Hot" by Nappy Roots. If you're an artist/group with a production budget, feel free to reach out to me here; Chi Duly [Nappy Roots, Termanology, Comp, Adidas, 504 Boyz] I NEED REFERENCE SINGERS TOO!!