DJ Green Lantern & Cassidy - Its Your Birthday 7-7-08 (Extended Street Version)

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1. (00:00:51) Cassidy - Intro
2. (00:03:38) Cassidy - Amnesia
3. (00:03:53) Cassidy - Money Come Fast
4. (00:03:20) Cassidy - Pistol Feat. T.I.
5. (00:01:18) Cassidy - Lookin Boy
6. (00:03:13) Cassidy - Let's Get It
7. (00:04:08) Cassidy - Wus Up Wit U
8. (00:03:22) Cassidy - In One Ear And Out The Other
9. (00:04:51) Cassidy - Enemies Closer
10. (00:01:42) Cassidy - Cassidy Leaves J Records
11. (00:03:07) Cassidy - A Milli
12. (00:09:06) Cassidy - "Ondaspot" Freestyle Ft. A.R. Ab Part 1
13. (00:02:44) Cassidy - "Ondaspot" Freestyle Ft, A.R. Ab Part 2
14. (00:02:46) Cassidy - Young Jeezy Birthday Call In
15. (00:04:43) Cassidy - "Ondaspot" Freestyle Ft, A.R. Ab Part 3
16. (00:05:48) Cassidy - Throwback "In Da Lab" Freestyle Ft. Swizz Beatz (Live @ Hot97)

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It's Your Birthday.....

Part 2........The first one was CLASSIC, a must have, and so is this one. But you gotta have the, "Extended Street Version" right cheer. Tracks that stood out to me, "Wus Up Wit' U" on this one, and "You N*ggaz Snitchin'" on the last one. Both on the same tip, make a good mix back to back. "I blaze da piece, Desert Eagle, raise da beak/ split cha head to da Caucasian meat/ when I remove ya ceilin', you lose the feelin' in ya legs and feet/ life a gamble, but there's ways to cheat/ I got ways to eat, mann my block got that haze for cheap" –Cassidy Support the real artists, underground, DJ's & veterans. B-More signin' out...1


Keep dat shit up cass. dl dis. haterz u 2 DL hear dat gangsta hip hop shit.