DJ Blazita & Cassidy - Philly Renegade


01 Cassidy & Blazita Philly Renegade Intro
02 Cassidy, AR-AB & Meek Mill - Lets Rumble
03 Cassidy - In The Hood
04 Cassidy, Meek Mill & AR-AB - Lets Get It (Green Lantern)
05 Cassidy & AR-AB - Gangsta Rap
06 Cassidy - My Hood is Greezy
07 Cassidy & Gillie Da Kid - My Bag
08 Cassidy - Emcee
09 Cassidy, Frenchy & AR-AB - City Of Dreams
10 Cassidy & AR-AB - Stop Breathin
11 Cassidy - No Hook Freestyle
12 Cassidy & Larsiny - Broken Language
13 Cassidy - I Know You Hate Me
14 Cassidy & Fabolous - Hustlers Poster Child
15 Cassidy & AR-AB - Im A Gangsta
16 Cassidy, Frankie & Red Cafe - Timbos & Range Rovs
17 Cassidy - Amnesia (Green Lantern)
18 Cassidy, French, Gorilla Zoe & Max B - Straight Cash
19 Cassidy, AR-AB, Drag-On & Maino - Tear The Club Up
20 Cassidy & Larsiny - Crack Rockin
21 Cassidy - Panther Paper
22 Cassidy & Larsiny - Murder One
23 Cassidy & Drag-On - Get Ya Feelings Hurt
24 Cassidy, Drag-On & AR-AB - Karma
25 Cassidy - Lost It All

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y is cassidys body bent all

y is cassidys body bent all crazy lol cause this isnt real he doesnt even own an mp5k

only a bitch ass mo ...

zcxzx wrote:
y is cassidys body bent all crazy lol cause this isnt real he doesnt even own an mp5k
only a bitch ass mo would comment on cassidy body? how would you like cassidys body them homo? pumping you in your ass probably! and how the fuck you know what cassidy got? you in his gun safe? i hate stupid comments from stupid ass people.

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your a fucking fagget are you in his gun safe are u in his gun safe wtf fuck u bitch

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y are u defending cassidys body your in love with him arent you


i usually don't jump in these "heated" internet arguements because i don't want to get my monitor jacked by you thugs, but why would you worry about what cassidy is wearing man only thing u need to worry about is what hes wearing out and thats the mic without a doubt cassidy and ar-ab are 2 of the most solid consistent mcs in the game right now and this mixtape right here is fire big ups to blazita i listened from beginning to end didnt skip 1 track i don't see your mixtape on here though what would u look like a white tee with a fake chain holdin a water pistol? blazita obviously just stuck a gun in dude's hand he just beat a murder charge? u forgot? listen amnesia refresh your memory 1

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man ur an idiot as u can clearyly see the picture is fake they jus pasted his face on the body # 2 ur sucha homo for commenting on anothermans body so get off the dick


Nice to have a mixtape that i can ride to without switchin tracks this shit is fire comin from a down south atlanta cat right here keep puttin pressure cassidy i see u nigga welcome home
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this shit is crazy! cassidy

this shit is crazy! cassidy is killin every simple bar! pleased to listen some decent shit in here at last...


dis one good out da cassidy mixtapes
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man this tape is fire
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damn finally a comment about the mixtape. not some people complaining over the internet. just comment on the tapes and please keep ya personal bidnezz at home. we are herr to enjoy the free mixtapes not gay comments. thanks. holla at cha boy!!

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