DJ Hurricane , DJ Moe & Chopper Young City - M.O.E. (Money Over Everything) 3


1. 54321
2. Godfather
3. Ima Beast
4. Rollin Down The Hill
5. Skit
6. Come Get Me
7. Blood Game ft Hotboy
8. 2 Step
9. Again
10. Been There
11. Shark Machine
12. Gun Cocked
13. Murda ft Gucci Mane
14. Gone ft Keen & Gutta Boy
15. Hotboy - Im So Real
16. Ok Now
17. Dj Moe Call
18. Smokin On Shrek
19. Hotboy - Make Em Bleed
20. The Boot
21. Hotboy - Holla At Ya Boy
22.Pretty Black(RIP) Benz & Lambo
23. Chopper Speaks
24.B Baby &Sapram - 2 Minute Warning
25. Outro

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Yo is this Choppa from Makin' the Band??

I'm a little twisted right now but isn't that that (i used improper english on purpose)

Thats that nigga my guy haha

Thats that nigga my guy haha ima fuck wit it and see if tha mixtape is fuckin

Hell Yeah. Dont laugh, I bet

Hell Yeah. Dont laugh, I bet you go download his other cds when you hear this one!

Choppa doing his mutha fuckin thang!

I know this cd is gonna be hard before I even download it! Choppa got 3 of the hardest mixtapes out that ive heard. If yall aint got that MOE 1, MOE 2, and his album "The Fast Life", you dont know what you're missing!

Where can a nigga find MOE 1

Where can a nigga find MOE 1 AND MOE 2 tha mixtapes

i listened to the first

i listened to the first couple tracks and didnt really like it which was a disappointment cuz his other moe tapes was fire but since everyone sayin this one hot ill listen to the rest

dude hella anus...

dude hella anus...

nigga nice

shitt dis nigga nice got his mixtapee already like catch the fuckk up and dis reall gangsta shitt so if u not a gangsta might not fit chu iight SUU WUU

Why Everybody So Surprised?

Chopper been hot, don't forget he was the only realist muhfucka in the band, fightin niggaz and shit, he jus showin yall how we always been doin it in the south.