Mike Prat & Worldwide Legacy - Come For The Throne (I Dare You)

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1. Mike prat intro - jay z & nas on rap beef
2. Big & jay z - i love the dough
3. Nas - dead presidents rmx
4. Kool g rap & nas - fast life
5. 2 pac - exclusive interview (the westcoast held it down)
6. 2 pac - holla at me (big diss)
7. 2 pac - all eyez on me (nas diss)
8. Nas - street dreams (pac shot)
9. Nas - the message (pac & big diss)
10. Big - kick in the door (nas diss)
11. 2 pac - exclusive interview part 2 (reinventing the game)
12. 2 pac - hit 'em up! (unreleased verse)(big, diddy, badboy, mobb deep diss)
13. 2 pac - let's be friends (jay z, big, faith, dre diss)
14. Big ft. diddy - long kiss (pac diss)
15. Ma$e ft. busta rhymes - niggaz wanna act (dame dash diss)
16. Ma$e ft. 112 - love me (jay z diss)
17. Jay z - ride or die (ma$e diss)
18. 2 pac - against all odds (ll cool j, diddy, nas, hatian jack, big diss)
19. Nas - we will survive (jay z diss)
20. Jay z - do it again (nas diss)
21. Nas ft. diddy - hate me now (jay z diss)
22. Carmen bryan (nas baby mama)interview part 1
23. Jay z ft. missy - is that your bitch (nas & carmen bryan diss)
24. Carmen bryan interview part 2 (beyonce diss)
25. Nas - stillmatic (rocafella & cormega diss)
26. Nas & mobb deep - the life...
27. Jay z radio interview (nas diss)
28. Jay z - take over (mobb deep & nas diss)
29. Nas radio interview (hovas ova)
30. Nas - ether (jay z & dame dash diss)
31. Nas - got ur self a gun (jay z & rocafella diss)
32. Jay z - super ugly (nas & carmen bryan diss)
33. Hot 97 battle verdict
34. Jay z - people talk
35. Nas - last real nigga alive (greatest story ever told)
36. Jay z - the prelude
37. Nas - i already know (unreleased)
38. Nas & jay z - black republicans (the union)

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Good mix but the Nas

Good mix but the Nas freestyle (dissing da ROC) right after Summer Jam, right before Ether is missing.
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but like you said, good mix.

how dare that nigga nas diss

how dare that nigga nas diss pac lmfao that niggaz wqack my white boy konflict opened for him in the 780 last year and he spit better then nas a fuckin whiteboiy fuck nas


I see what you saying fam, but if you look back in history Nas and Pac once Hated each other, Nas and Biggie once Hated each other...That freestyle prolly old as hell, why else would nas do that thug mansion? Yea, Pac was dead by the time that dropped but if Nas made anything current dissing Pac, that would fuck his lively hood up. I can say just about all these Rappers respect and honor the Dead rappers. SO if you nas dissing pac...Let it go, that's old news. Oh and not dissin ya boi (who opened for nas), but where his mixtape at? I wanna hear dude spit.

You dumb fuck, nas would rip

You dumb fuck, nas would rip your boy apart, konflict..... haha, dude nas realized one of the most influential cds for hip hop ever, people still sample that shit, plus he has more respect from real hip hop artists then your boy konflict and even in his own dreams he could imagine reaching nas' level. Oh and white or black, i think we are both the same species.

Konflict's Credibility

Yo I just searched all of Torrent, datpiff, and youtube. I almost started thinking that you made dude up otta thin air and shit. Oh and I only found one song with Konflict on it on one website... If ya boy so ill where his shit at? If ya boy soo much better nas where his fame at??? Why aint nobody trying to sign him??? Com'on dude, this guy dont even have video's on youtube. You can't be serious... Matter of fact use ya camera phone and record some shit of his because you're making dude lose all credibility.

Nasty Nas the Esco to

Nasty Nas the Esco to Escobar now he is NASTRADAMUS!!!! so fuk your boy who aint got tunes!!!!!!!!!!!
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JAY Z é o cara. WELLZ

JAY Z é o cara. WELLZ