The Come Up DVD Vol 17 (Lil Wayne Edition)

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THE COME UP DVD creator and prolific street DVD vanguard Fendi
called us up (SHOT OUT! Dirty Money, Nicki) and wanted MixTrap to
know he is done with the DVD game -- he's hangin 'em up "for Good."

FENDI let MixTrap know he's going all out for this special grande
finale. So who would he call on to cover his final DVD? Who else?
None other than Weezy F. Baby aka. LIL' WAYNE

In fact, make this the newest (and only) LIL' WAYNE EDITION DVD
in your collection. Because although this DVD has has more than
four hours of footage of your favorite artists (name anybody
that's hot, they're on here...), this DVD is bringing you TWO
entire hours alone of the hottest emcee in the game: The Carter.

So with half of the 4 hours of footage focused solely on Lil' Weezy,
who's featured in the other a2 hours? (remember, 2 hours is the
normal length of a regular DVD from The Come Up)

FEATURED IN THIS DVD: T.I., Jadakiss, Joe Budden, T.I., Shawty Lo,
Beanie Sigel, Max B (Dissin' ByrdGang), Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj
(Lil' Wayne's female protege), the American Gangster Frank Lucas,
and much more.

>> THIS 4+ HOUR DVD comes with entirely new, Deluxe Packaging that
includes a 20-page booklet / DVD inset commemorating this special
Lil' Wayne Edition DVD.

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Is it me.or is this taking

Is it me.or is this taking ages 2 download?

1.4GB takes time for 1

1.4GB takes time for 1 person to seed

yea,ur right.there's more

yea,ur right.there's more seeds now.cant wait till its done

yea this shit is taken

yea this shit is taken forever

I just I'm gonna love this.

I just I'm gonna love this. I don't care haow long it takes.


finally got dvd's in da buidin.we need mo.very hard/expensive to cope dem joints down here in NEW ZEALAND!!shout outs to hardb0dy!!!mean G


I must admit Wayne is the best unique Artist period so i know this movie is crazy...


Does this play on ipods or not?

For real?? 2hours is just

For real?? 2hours is just Weazy?? BULLSHIT! Had to comment on this due to the size of it, and no one had actually posted on the actual content, so here goes. Don't be suckered into this for the wrong reasons. Its basically all interviews, and Wayne is not 2 hours of it, if thats your motivation. The majority of the video is watermarked with the annoying "Come Up" logos also. OVER THE WHOLE SCREEN! Intentional no doubt, but very annoying nonetheless. Not hating, simply expected something different and it wasn't there. Definately worth watching/downloading though if you're into these artists and havnt seen much on them. PEACE

makin a movie

after it finishes downloading how can u put it on a dvd .

Get your hands on a mighty

Get your hands on a mighty fine program called "ConvertXtoDVD", which you can buy (or find it on a torrent site, but i never said that ;P . Its worthy of purchase for sure). It's simple, reasonably fast and i've found it to be very reliable. I've tried many different programs for converting to DVD from avi's etc and I've been using this for a year now. This is by far the best I've used, no fuck ups. Hope that helps.


The torrent site would't happen to be UmMMMmmmmMMMMMM
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this is str8 but somebody

this is str8 but somebody needa put some SMACK DVD's or HOODZ DVD's on here

This dvd is worth watchin

This dvd is worth watchin but isnt da best smack dvd in term of music videos and freestyles. lil wayne chats shit in his part 'my girls better den ur momma' som shit lyk dat. Personally i lyk lil wayne hes ayt but he can chat soo much shyt. Not bad really jadakiss looks wasted in his bit doesnt even look lyk im he luks so fuked n keeps his shades on 2 hide it 2much sizurp n weed. neways i think its a gud dvd but not as good as the rest but a must watch as the people featuring are good.