Currensy - Fear & Loathing In New Orleans


1. (00:01:42) Currensy - It Starts
2. (00:02:51) Currensy - Title Track
3. (00:03:00) Currensy - Murda
4. (00:04:26) Currensy - Movie Writers, Business Men & Gangsters (ft. Marcelo)
5. (00:02:32) Currensy - Sky Barz (ft. Young Roddy)
6. (00:03:01) Currensy - World Class Bitches
7. (00:01:49) Currensy - What Means The World To Me
8. (00:01:58) Currensy - Open House
9. (00:01:07) Currensy - Lost in Transit
10. (00:02:22) Currensy - Stealth Technology
11. (00:00:48) Currensy - Come Up
12. (00:02:18) Currensy - Calm Down (ft. Ced Hughes)
13. (00:01:34) Currensy - 1-800-RapHustlers
14. (00:01:40) Currensy - Intergalatic Society
15. (00:02:00) Currensy - Blown
16. (00:02:54) Currensy - Gettin Money (ft. Trademark) (Bonus)

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Im a give it a listen later but anything from the fly kid is usually fire ashame weezy wouldnt share the spotlight


when did he leave Y.M.???????-ca$h ave boi

How many mixtapes?!?!

Curren$y stays putin out whole mixtapes... I aint here this one yet but i know its goin to be fire and im bout to ride around and burn to it!!

one blunt nigga yo weak ass

one blunt nigga yo weak ass will b passed out behind da wheel...want u stay at home n burn to it....rook

your wierd bitch

how you gon talk like you know who i am and kno how much i smoke?? cuz i downloaded a curren$y mixtape? maybe my lil sign in name?? i dont kno.. BUT any way to everyone that cares the mixtape aint the best one yet but still fire fly society!!

dis nigga b havin some of da hardest covers

dis nigga can spit fuck wut u heard...

Aside from 4. (00:04:26)

Aside from 4. (00:04:26) Currensy - Movie Writers, Business Men & Gangsters (ft. Marcelo) this tape should be good. That song has a horrible hook.

Who the hell is currensy

Who the hell is currensy

fuckinnn dirtty

this mixtape is the shit. hella fuckin short but if you haven't listened to curren$y before give it a listen. starts out kinda weak but once it gets goin you wont skip a track

State of Hip-Hop

This dude done fell off before he even got's sad. He used to be on those SQAD UP mixtapes back in 2001 under Little Waynes wing. Those were all hot. Then he had a couple official joints wit' Young Money recently which weren't that bad. Now, he just finds 10,000 ways how to say how he's fly. He's like a more lyrical Souljah Boy without the snap. Sh*ts old, overhyped bullsh*t wit' no message just like Weezy..... My opinion: Lil' Wayne is the hottest, most popular rapper in the game right now, right?....Fact is, his name holds a LOT of weight and therefore it's somewhat his responsibility to do what's best for hip-hop....and I don't think he has. In my eyes (and a lot of others) Lil' Wayne alone has dragged the real hip-hop (music w/ content, purpose & messages) down for long enough. I don't wanna put the entire blame on him (there's PLENTY of others,) but he brings it on himself by saying things like "I Am Hip-Hop," and the "greatest rapper alive." I respect his opinion & hustle but I HIGHLY disagree. He's good (better than me,) but not THAT good. I think he's made a mockery of the game, and took all these easily influenced, ignorant new generation of rappers and fans wit' him makin' it worse. Now every new artist feels like they gotta have that same lame flow, kiddy rhymes, and those stupid a** metaphors. Everything's starting to sound the same. I wanna hear one of these southern artists stand face to face and try to freestyle with a hungry "underground" lyricist and watch them get lyrically torn to shreds! But that will never happed cuz "Hip-Hop Is Dead." Lil' Wayne has rolled a giant L outta the Blueprint, dipped it in some lean, and smoked that sh*t using the world of hip-hop as his ash tray. The truth is, the real problem lies in these ignorant new school fans that don't have respect for the music and are easily influenced by the government controlled media, and politics. It's up to US to BALANCE this watered down crap out by supporting those who produce music to teach & uplift. I understand people wanna have fun in these hard times but let's keep it's HARD TIMES! Be conscience and keep it 100. Bless! "Call me a hater and I'll call you an idiot." -Me Support the real artists, underground, DJ's & veterans. B-More signin' out...1

fell off??

curren$sy just put out 4 raw mixtapes in 4 months.. and he may talk about how fly he is, but he aslo talks a lot of real shit he really does or is to me hes more of a orignal ,laid back voice, everyday real shit rapper.. not like soulja boy.. you got it twisted curren$y been raw and only gettin better bro.. maybe you should just double check your view on him.


I think niggas just hatin on Currensy cuz he left Wayne and he from the south so niggas gone hate regardless cuz of that...but i have Welcome to the Winner Circle and I must say I thought i was sleepin on him before but that mixtape opened up my eyes...what rapper doesn't talk flashy? but he really shows his lyricism, and a laid back style that really doesnt even sound southern...i guess he started to fuck with the west coast more...Dont hate on him and then put him in the whole REAL hip hop argument..He makes good music, if u dont think so keep it to yourself and fuck off...

and another thing....

and I also cant stand all these east coast niggas comin with the mindset that REAL hip hop can't come from the south...fuckin lames...did he have to grow in B'MORE like u for u to like him??? so yeah im sayin it...HATER...and im just fine being the idiot with a DEGREE...

youre fuckin corporate ass suck

curren$y has a real message behind his raps it aint always some shit about gettin hos and sellin drugs, he raps about us all bein brothers and speaks about the real struggle if you wanna call that weak then go ahead but all that fake fuckin thug shit is whats weak and makes everyone in the game look like a fool

Corporate a** WHO?

I said what I had to say, just my opinion and I KNOW my music. This guy doesn't bring much to the game and I'm tired of him already.......All I'm sayin' is there's a lot of real MC's out there (everywhere) that need A LOT more support, and there are A LOT of wack rappers that are makin' it and are overhyped. That's what I see! A lot of recycling, swagger jackin', biting, and A LOT of real sh*t gettin' no play at all cuz of it. Enough wit' the groupie d*ckriding...keep it movin'! Showin' some love is one thing, but there is a reason why they say, "there's a thin line between love and hate." You can COUNT on the haters hating, but the real are only gonna be recognized by others that are real.....and the true ARTISTS are gonna REMAIN true to themselves. N*ggaz is brainwashed son. Be conscious and keep it 100. "I had a dream I could buy my way to Heaven, when I awoke I spent that on a necklace/ I told God I'd be back in a second, mann, it's so hard not to act reckless/ To whom much is given much is tested/ Get arrested, guess until he get the message" -Kanye West Support the real artists, undergroun, DJ's & veterans. B-More signin' out...1

I agree. Amen. I think

I agree. Amen. I think curren$y is still better than half these mainstreams bubblegum kiddies, but he still isn't on the level of 'good hip-hop'. Besides that, what I'm writing here for is to condone this comment, it is absolutely true and needs to be addressed before every 16 year old kid and his brother make songs about superman and how low his chain hangs or how Young Rosco is going to do him and you do you. Mainstream rap music is pure garbage. Open up your eyes and listen to some music with a positive message rather than eating up every word Lil' Wayne says about white girls and how he is a god of rap. pfffffft.

Im a huge fan of wayne

Im a huge fan of wayne (since SQAD), but with all this mainstream success EVERYBODY likes him now. So it makes it hard for me not to sound like all these other boppers who are just now feelin him. Currensy is exactly the breathe of fresh air that hip hop needs. Plus skateboard fashion is bout to take over.(shout out to TK and Krew clothing i love that shit.....Dont know what im on? Go google !)I love his style and his lyrics a pretty sick. I think alot of people just dont understand how cultured he is.(I.e Higher than 30,000 ft cover, so tite)Sure he is a lil different but gangster/backpack is what im feelin now. ITS to chill to hate on. All of his mixtapes are raw! Do ya thing hommie! Listen b4 ya hate people, FS Jets Fan

His mixtapes have creative

His mixtapes have creative titles but overall I think they're pretty weak. I've given all his mixtapes a chance but none of them made it off my hard drive yet.


i like currensy for a while now , never like the were the cash at song (wasnt feelin it too much) but yeah i got all 3 mixtapes from him now n caint wait to get this one , the first one is the best so far then comes the second one then the third (i want really feelin the third mixtape that much except for the song swagga) but i hope that this mixtape is better caint wait to hear hit HOT SPITTA , FLY SOCIETY TELL THOSE PUSSY ASS NIGGAS DONT BOTHER ME


DUMB BITCH HE WASNT WIT SQUAD UP he was wit DA 504 BOYZ doin it B4 weezy even came out he aint fall off bitch u ont knw wut undaground is get ya shit straight n nah none of his shit is aight its betta den all da shit yall listen 2 ya heard me BITCHHHHHH
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Spitta do go hard in the

Spitta do go hard in the paint! Id prefer more albums from him but seeing that mixtapes is all he does i gotta be satisfied