DJ Whiteowl - New Orleans Nightmare Pt. 4

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01. Lil Wayne Ft game - Lyrical Homicide 02:33
02. Lil Wayne - Outstanding 02:23
03. Lil Wayne - Million Dollar Baby 00:27
04. Lil Wayne Ft Jim Jones & Stack Bundles - Lookin At T 03:49
05. Lil Wayne - Haters Everywhere 02:04
06. Lil Wayne Ft Hot Rod - Ur Gonna Love Me 02:08
07. Lil Wayne - Go Get It 00:43
08. Lil Wayne - Gangsta 2 The Core 01:03
09. Interlude - Drug Shit 00:13
10. Lil Wayne Ft Juelz Santana - The Bad Side 03:40
11. Lil Wayne - This Aint A Scene 00:48
12. Lil Wayne - Beat Without Bass 02:11
13. Lil Wayne Ft Baby - Poppin Bottles 03:25
14. Lil Wayne Ft Currensy - My House 02:52
15. Lil Wayne - Run (Freestyle) 01:04
16. Lil Wayne - Gettin It Pt 1 01:51
17. Lil Wayne - Gettin It Pt 2 02:35
18. Lil Wayne Ft Ja Rule - Uh Ohh 03:39
19. Lil Wayne - Lets Get High 02:02
20. Lil Wayne Ft Currensy - Ill Whip Ya 03:22
21. Lil Wayne Ft Dizzy - Ridin Wit My Pistol 04:00
22. Lil Wayne Ft 40 Cal - Where My Niggas At 02:51
23. Lil Wayne - Money On My Mind 04:16
24. Lil Wayne - Oh No 03:01
25. Lil Wayne Ft Jim Jones & Stack Bundles - The Weather 04:37
26. Lil Wayne Akon Wyclef & Nia - Sweetest Girl (Remix) 03:53
27. Lil Wayne - Pray 2 The Lord 03:40
28. Lil Wayne - Its Killin Me 03:16
29. Lil Wayne - Throwback 01:48
30. Lil Wayne - Best Rapper Alive 04:54

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beast mode

wayne is the best mu fuckin rapper out there and he dropped more mixtapes this year than anybody even tho half of em had the same tracks but you got 2 admit when he comes out with a new song it is a banger!
BC BUDS DA BEST's picture

he should slow down

yea he put out tons of shit, but its so rushed...still most of it is good but if he took his time and made a bunch of sick singles and didnt release so much clutter and constantly put the same shit on mixtapes, he would be wayyy better...rite now hes overplayed, hes still a sick rapper of course but he should mainly just release top qaulity shit cus hes got enuff of it, he dont need to put out the other junk. cus theres too much lil wayne to go thru to get all the good shit.

u trippin

he should put mixtape after mixtape out to build up buzz for the real s**t. He put these out just to build interest and is doing it in the way no one else does it . I guarentee u that when carter 3 comes out you'llhave to cop dat, because your interested in what hes doing next
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weezy weezy weezy

the problem for me is i feel like all y'all are listening to a different lil wayne or something, because i just cant seem to hear this lyrical beast that most of you talk about, to me his rhymes are garbage some of the time, proper preschool shit, his delivery isnt that good either and last but not least every tune is on every mixtape and to be quite honest im bored of him because he aint that special, i think alot of his fans are only his fans because hes 'different' anyway the most over-rated artist in rap if you ask me
Gangsta5555's picture

Thats Soo truee in one

Thats Soo truee in one sense, he is a talented rapper, and he does make a fair amount of heat and fireee, but i mean all this hype is not needed.. Prepare for Lil Wayne Dickriders "triggertreach", coz they gon do whatever they can to try and prove they right when there not... But i aint downloading this because i got all these tracks, and i think only the majority are good as in 5 or 6 of the songs.. UGK,, deserve more props than this man, along wiff, Termanology, Obie Trice and Several Others.. Ludacris would kill waynes ass, hell even 50 woulldd.
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Let's make shit clear...

First of all I agree that there are a lot of Lil Wayne "Dick Riders" like how you say. But it's undeniable of how hot the man is right now... Reason being, the birth of the "Dick Riders"... Wezzy has been in the game for about 13 years now and from his first shit's with the "Hot Boys" to his highly anticipated shit "Tha Cater 3" Wezzy has just gotten better... Now Wezzy is getting a shit load of air time with all of his appearances' but you can't hate on the man for getting his money... He may not be the best "rapper a live" but he is surely on his way to being that... What ever happend with the "I can't feel my Fase" The Album with Juelz...??? I was waiting on that one...

cant feel my face

thats comin out mid October homie....

I Cant Feel My Face

October 16 is what I heard
Gangsta5555's picture

In all fairness, i aint

In all fairness, i aint hating on him for getting his money, and he has got better, but hes too overrated, and he just talks random shit that only makes sense when u fink about it for like 15 minutes. Thats all im saying.


Yall act like Wayne is sittin there releasing all these mixtapes with recycled ish -its the DJs man, dont blame Wayne - For example, Wayne puts out Tha Drought 3 --> in turn, theres now 87 more Wayne mixtapes that have the same songs as Tha Drought 3 had
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I aint, im saying in too

I aint, im saying in too overated in what he does do, i didnt blame wayne, i said i wernt downloading this mixtape coz i already got em.. Wayne is wayy too overated thoo... i mean comeon....
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lil w

lil wayne uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets get it

I love Lil' Wayne

He is the best rapper alive. No, f*ck that, he's the best artist to ever make any music. Plus, I think he's an even better person. He is so gangster, but he has so many different styles. His punchlines and metaphors are so intelligent. He's definitely the hardest working person in hip-hop. He drops so many excellent tunes, I just can't get enough. I just don't think he has enough fans though. I think he needs to make different kinds of music, like rock, or maybe mix in some Reggae talk so he can get more fans. You know? Maybe then more DJ's will want to put his face on their mixtapes. He looks so cool. He has all those tatoo's, and those cool dreadlocks. I bet he does a lot of drugs, which makes him even cooler. He probably supplies the whole world with tons of the finest drugs. I love the fact that he kissed his so called dad. That just shows me how much he loves him. He's so good! I wish he would collaborate with more rappers that I like. I can't get enough of that either. I wish he would sign some gangsters to his label so they can make a rap gang and look real hard together. I'm going to buy atleast two of his upcoming album, The Carter 3. Has anybody heard of it? I'm sooo excited, I can't wait. He just keeps getting better and better, it's ridiculous. He was so crappy back when he was with the Hot Boyz. Now, he is the bomb. Every other rapper looks like poop compared to him. I don't even listen to anybody else, only the greatest, Lil' Wayne. I have everything he has ever made. I'm wearing Lil' Wayne underwear right now. I fight with his action figures all the time, Lil' Wayne vs. Weezy. Noone else. I wish he lived closer to me though, like in my house. That would be so cool. But the south runs rap, and I think Lil' Wayne is the king of the south. So that means he is the king of rap. No, f*ck that, he is the king of the world. He should be the president. Vote Lil' Wayne! LOL! Anyways, did I mention I love Lil' Wayne. He rocks!!!!!!