Da Underdawgz - The 1st One Is For Pimp


01 - Intro
02 - Pa Feat. Pimp C
03 - The South Feat. Bun B & Short Dawg
04 - Bring It Back Feat. Pimp C & Yung Messiah
05 - Gorillaz Feat. Bun B
06 - Whatever It Takes Feat. Young Buck
07 - Kush By The Bush Remix Feat. Killa Kyleon
08 - A Dolla Outta 15 Cents Feat. Delo
09 - Mob Feat. Z-Ro
10 - Colors [Skit]
11 - Colors Feat. Pimp C
12 - Fuck A Rubberband Feat. Short Dawg & Flames
13 - Mic Check Feat. Chamillionaire
14 - Criminal Code Law [Skit]
15 - Never Know Feat. Short Dawg
16 - (6-27-11) June 27, 2011 Feat. Esg & Chris Ward
17 - Under Construction [Skit]
18 - Believe In Me Feat. Pimp C
19 - Grind Hard 2011 Feat. Pimp C

1stoneisforpimp.torrent32.03 KB

MidwestBest765's picture

this shit live....protege of

this shit live....protege of the pimp...been waitin on these boyz to drop sumthin for a minute [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
JazzyJ's picture

This mixtape is really

This mixtape is really jammin.. I like all the beats.. and all the features: Z-Ro, ESG, Chris Ward. Can't go wrong with Pimp C on just about every song!
MidwestBest765's picture

uhhh....i love you

...[I'd rather bang Screw!!]

^^^ Lame

...But yeah i agree, this lil tape here decent as hell.

shit is fire

best mixtape on this site in a whole minute, this is what happens when u take real artist, real productions, and real dj's (not those bitch ass "i d/l shit before u get it and mix a bunch of bullshit on a cd with a fraud cover dj's") and put it all together. people want an explanation of why we think texas run shit, and the south run shit because of the artists on this mixtape. enough said.

point made

"yah you know im...ka ka killin em, 72 ?jugs? and im...pa pa peelin em, 7 duece droppas supah pokes...wood wheelin em, alot of these rap niggaz...im not feelin em, straigh g shit from fifty packs to a hundred stacks, i stand up when i piss p.a. up in this bitch!"


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