Knotty Dread Presents - Dancehall Madness Vol. 4


01 shottas-intro
02 busy signal & movado-bad man place
03 movado-for all the things
04 sizzla-it's a jungle
05 bling dawg-we ago dun dem
06 busy signal-kill him
07 vybz kartel-gunz out
08 vybz kartel-mr. palmer
09 sizzla-get dem out
10 aidonia-bang bang dem
11 bounty killa-hunt dem
12 tony matterhorn-man from mars
13 mr. peppa-bully
14 delly ranx-solid
15 sizzla-ghetto youths
16 vybz kartel-beyonce wine
17 perfect-junjo claut
18 ward 21-get cross
19 kari jess-any gun i buss (dub)
20 movado-annu say dem caaan
21 mr. easy & tony matterhorn-give her the ride
22 sizzla-bullet
23 beenie man-bullet proof
24 bounty killa-bullet proof skin
25 shottas exclusive remix skit-shottas
exclusive remix skit
26 bounty & busy signal-do the maths
27 pavillion-ready fi di war
28 pavillion-no sound can dis (dub)
29 raw dawg-freestyle (dub)
30 mr. peppa-30. gal inna mi bed (dub)
31 rempage-pum pum law (dub)
32 rraw dawg-we nuh play wid people (dub)
33 kari jess-shotta ting 4 life (dub)
34 busy signal & movado-full clip
35 sizzla-gunshot (rmx)
36 delly ranx-shotta fi life (dub)
37 sizzla-ragga muffin
38 aidonia-war munga
39 kari jess-badness
40 kartel & movado-how yu gun rise
41 delly & chino-ghetto whisky
42 boysie & not nice-bung bang
43 shottas interlude-shottas interlude
44 ding dong-bad man forward (mad ras remix)
45 mr. peppa-gangsta gorilla (mad ras dub remix)
46 sizzla-come on (mad ras dub remix)
47 chuck fender & richie spice-kill a sound
(raw steel remix)
48 movado-the real mckoy (raw steel remix)
49 baby cham-rude bwoy pledge (mad ras refix)
50 baby cham-ghetto gully story (mad ras refix)
51 aidonia-go fi dem (mad ras dub remix)
52 bounty killa-stainless (raw steel remix)
53 vybz kartel-kill dem all (raw steel remix)
54 aidonia-if a war (raw steel remix)
55 singer j-shot a batty bwoy (raw steel remix)
56 sizzla-shottaz gun medley (mad ras dub remix)
57 busy signal&shottas skit&aidonia-step
out&shottas skit & bukam (dub)
58 kartel & aidonia-deadly alliance
59 delly ranx & shifta-nuttin dat
60 rraw dawg-gun dem haffi in ya (dub)
61 pavillion-dun a fassy
62 pavillion-dis bad man
63 aidonia-bukam (dub)
64 movado, bounty, aidonia -shottas medley
(mad ras remix)
65 mr. peppa-hypocrite a talk (dub)
66 mr. peppa & christopher-what is to be
67 delly ranx-nuff bwoy ah watch dem sister
68 bounty killa-mi bad mi mad
69 beenie man & lady saw-undisputed
70 sizzla & wayne wonder-stop frontin
71 rraw dawg-shottas skit
72 mr. peppa-exclusive freesytle (dub)
73 delly ranx-solid&nuh badda dan we (dub)
74 capelton-hitmaker
75 capelton-wha dis
76 vybz kartel-gunshot
77 wyclef & charlie-shottaz outro

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props, gotta bump this in

props, gotta bump this in the whip for the ladies.

1 Track Mix???

If anyone has a chance, please post-u[p how I might go about separating this killa' mix into separate traxx?!?!

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Hey check out this program AudioConvert if you need the password let me know alright