Danny! - Where Is Danny


1. “Man, Motherfuck An Intro” (Goose, Swain)
2. “Manic! At The Disco” (Goose, Swain)
3. “Where Is Danny?” (Goose, Swain)
4. “Tattered Fedora Flow” (Goose, Swain)
5. “Hoedown Showdown” (featuring Von Pea) (Callender, Goose, Swain)
6. “I Ain’t The Walrus” (Goose, Swain)
7. “Turn Me Up” (Goose, Swain)
8. “Many Reasons” (Goose, Swain)
9. “Still Got Love” (Goose, Swain)
10. “Sloppy Joe, Pt. 1″ (Goose, Swain)
11. “Commercial Break (interlude)” (Goose, Swain)
12. “Fa Fa Fa” (Goose, Swain)
13. “This Is Your Life (In West Watch-A-Ka-Tella) (instrumental)” (Goose)
14. “Off The Hook” (featuring Che Grand) (Anosike, Goose, Swain)
15. “George Wendt” (Goose, Swain)
16. “Nah, I Don’t Like This Beat Yo” (Swain)
17. “Theme Music To A Killing Spree” (featuring Danny Brown) (Brown, Goose, Swain)
18. “Lost One” (Goose, Swain)
19. “Scrambled Eggs” (Goose, Swain)
20. “Sloppy Joe, Pt. 2″ (Goose, Swain)
21. “Seven Seconds Of Static (interlude)” (Swain)
22. “Mama I Want To Fucking Sing” (Goose, Swain)
23. “Wake The Fuck Up Man (You’re Trippin’ Man)” (Goose, Swain)
24. “Crank Dat (Hey DJ)” (Goose, Swain)
25. “Get Down” (Goose, Swain)
26. “Gone Danny Gone” (Clarke, Goose, Swain)

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