DG Yola - Neva Gon Stop (DVD)


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DG Yola Yall Niggaz!!!

I See Tha Im The First To Comment on Thiz DVD I Thought Some Niggaz Would Of Done It By Now I Guess Yall Niggaz Dont Know Who Yola Da Great Iz MuthaFuckaz Thiz Nigga Iz RaW Like Any Trap Nigga Yoll Need To Cop Diz Shit If Ya Hood.


Its aight......

the goof ass nigga wit the

the goof ass nigga wit the glasses n the green rag is bitch assmark

I like this DVD a lot! Seen

I like this DVD a lot! Seen a few good ones so far.

fcuk outa here nigga

dis nigga aint flossin no ice dats sequence da shit dey put on women clothes back in da 80's

is this nigga fo real??

ha ha, the nigga before me right, he aint rockin ice, dat shit is sequins


Fuk ALL YALL! Yola drops some hot shit fa real. Laugh at his clothes n shit. I didn't know u had 2 floss n flex dat ice to be good in hip hop. Fuck yall. Couple years from now you.ll be ridin Da Great yola's dik. So eat one . faggots