Digital Product, DJ Hed & The Syndicate - Cali All-Stars Pt 1 (Hosted By G Malone)


01 - G Malone Intro
02 - G Malone Ft The Cataracs-I Get Doe
03 - K-Boy-Divisi-Onexclusive
04 - Jay Rock-Money On Mayweather
05 - Menace Ft Young Life-This Is My Hood
06 - Kurupt-Massacre Central
07 - Crooked I-They
08 - Game Ft K-Young-Diamonds
09 - Nipsey Hussle-Run This Town
10 - Cypress Hill-Strike The Match
11 - King Ft Durtylady G Da Real Deal K-Boy-Gettin
12 - Bloc Boyz-Pimp Shitexclusive
13 - Damani Ft Crooked I-Walk On
14 - Pac Div Ft Ty-Rollin
15 - Lil Uno Ft Ya Boy-She On Me
16 - G Malone-Point The Finger Inc Exlcusive
17 - Smigg Dirtee Ft Jim Jonesexclusive
18 - Tha Dogg Pound-Do U Drink
19 - Snoop Dogg Ft Barrington Levy-Watch Demmurderer
20 - Balance-When The Come Freestyleexclusive
21 - Cousin Fik Ft E-40-Bay Area 51
22 - Tq Ft G Malone-The Fastlane
23 - Ace Of The Bloc Boyz Prod By Tha Biznessexclu

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i wouldnt call em all stars

just a comment....
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There is some people here that are on the top but it's missing a whole lot of other artists that I would like to hear more from in these mixtapes. Ex. AP-9, Messy Marv, San Quinn, Mitchy Slick, DJ Quik, Hollow tip, Crooked-I, Brotha Lynch, 3x krazy, Jacka, x-raided (think he's out of jail by now. Man's a beast. He should've never put his dirt in his lyrics but I bet he feels the same way, lol but hey, he's one of the realest ever on the mic for the West.) etc. $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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There's a reason Mitchey

There's a reason Mitchey Slick don't mess with these tapemasters, fuk LA yall makin cali look and sound bad. Crooked-I the beast, fell off when yukmouth stopped buyin his trackz pre-mellenium thogh. Gotta give it to kurupt, his new bangers clean. xXDntLkDwnUnlezzItzMoneyOnTheGroundXx
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Fuck L.A.?????????

LA started this westcoast gangsta shit! Talking out yo ass pimp. Crooked I fell off? Yukmouth ain't harder than Crooked mang, he hard but not Crooked hard. Yuk is the one who fell off....still on that predictable simplistic spit......I'm just saying....... >>>>>>>>>DJ Waterdawg

wik wik wack

thats me on the one and two's lol