Digital Scale & Gucci Mane - Gucci Leak


1. (00:01:10) Gucci Mane - Intro (Welcome To The Traphouse Freestyle)
2. (00:02:42) Gucci Mane - Purple (Feat. Project Pat)
3. (00:03:48) Gucci Mane - Reppin' (Feat. Waka, Wooh, Frenchie & Slim Dunkin)
4. (00:01:02) Gucci Mane - Get Em Girls (Feat. Muffy)
5. (00:02:21) Gucci Mane - Disaster
6. (00:00:47) Gucci Mane - Yeah (Feat. Dorrough)
7. (00:02:14) Esco - Trunk Bang (Escomania Freestyle)
8. (00:01:35) Gucci Mane - Trigga Play (Feat. Juvenile)
9. (00:00:43) Gucci Mane - Goddamned
10. (00:01:00) Gucci Mane - Show You How (Feat. Jacki-O)
11. (00:00:57) Gucci Mane - Dangerous
12. (00:00:45) Gucci Mane - Put Me In Da Kitchen
13. (00:00:43) Gucci Mane - Atlanta Georgia
14. (00:00:39) Gucci Mane - Boo (Gucci Kills T.I.)
15. (00:02:51) Gucci Mane - Birds (Feat. Nicki Minaj & OJ Da Juiceman)
16. (00:00:41) Gucci Mane - Brand New (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
17. (00:01:54) Gucci Mane - I Got Em Gone (Feat. J. Futuristic AKA J. Money)
18. (00:03:40) Gucci Mane - Beat It Up (Feat. Trey Songz)
19. (00:03:08) Gucci Mane - Break Up (Remix) (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
20. (00:02:36) Gucci Mane - Do It Do It (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman) (Final)
21. (00:02:11) Gucci Mane - Ice On Me (2009 New Version)
22. (00:01:22) Gucci Mane - Set, Go
23. (00:00:35) Gucci Mane - In The Hood (Feat. Lil Scrappy)
24. (00:00:52) Gucci Mane - Look Like This
25. (00:00:57) Gucci Mane - Lost
26. (00:00:37) Gucci Mane - Mobbin'
27. (00:02:41) Gucci Mane - Wonderful
28. (00:01:02) Gucci Mane - Game Strong
29. (00:01:09) Gucci Mane - Just A Girl
30. (00:03:10) Gucci Mane - Gucci's Bitch
31. (00:00:45) Gucci Mane - Pretty Girls
32. (00:01:58) Gucci Mane - Trouble
33. (00:00:56) Gucci Mane - Spare Change (Feat. Georgia Peach)
34. (00:03:20) Gucci Mane - Wasted Remix (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman)
35. (00:03:20) Gucci Mane - Weird (Produced By Zaytoven)
36. (00:02:19) Gucci Mane - What They Do (Classic Gucci)
37. (00:01:58) Gucci Mane - Light Show
38. (00:02:57) OJ Da Juiceman - Early Mornin Trappin'
39. (00:03:51) Gucci Mane - Throw Away Da Key (Classic Gucci)
40. (00:03:54) Gucci Mane - Money Bag Shawty (Classic Gucci)
41. (00:03:29) Gucci Mane - Nothin Else To Do
42. (00:00:22) Gucci Mane - Outro...


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Gucci looks like a giant turd! This shit is GARBAGE!! ( (( A.W.O.L )) )
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haha thats cuz he is a giant

haha thats cuz he is a giant turd in every aspect.
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Most of these tracks are about 30-40 secs and some are old.. i don't see how this is a leak.. This is a promotional tape with samples on it, it was a waste of time.
But anyway my girl told me that GOocH is wearing Eyeliner and it's clearly obvious, i aint notice it until i started makin fun of his over-bloated face, Nigga reminded me of that lil girl on Willy Wonky that ate that Blue Berry Chewing gum and started filling up with Juice and had to get squeezed lol, but but my girl said she looked at his face and said "HE IS WEARING EYE LINER!", and she put some on and it looks just like his eyes lol so my ol'e lady even clownin.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Made my day with that

Hah, Gucci got clowned. But yeah, this tape is pretty shitty. Don't waste the space on a D/L. "That's Gary, Indiana for you slow pokes."
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ha i didnt notice till i

ha i didnt notice till i read this shit. they could photoshop it just as easily though, so ud have to go by the stock photo. I wouldnt put it past him though...
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More like take a leak on

More like take a leak on this mixtape. And what's up with this guy doing his geometry homework on his head? 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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Ta Be Looking Closely 2 That Nigga's Face And Notice He Got Eye Liner,You 1 Faggot Ass Mothafcuka!! H Town Stand Tha Fuck Up!
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Still don't Read and comprehend too well huh

I see you still don't read and comprehend too well huh? take what you want out of it and make ya on lil shit up.. Im pretty sure you look like a dumb ass just postin this comment before readin my comment "CAREFULLY" , go take a seat with the lame fucks nigga
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Some new tracks on here. Gucci fan would like this tape. 3.8/10.
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theres gotta be a reason

theres gotta be a reason this fool is always on guccis nuts hatin up and down his nutsack checkin out his face, googleing his life and shit... did the man do you wrong ? ha
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must be a reason

Must be a reason you've been paying attention to every single one of my post.. I must have a another fan, i bet you can quote every single one of my Gooch Hate post too i bet lol
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]