DJ 31 Degreez & Fabolous - Mr Fab

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1.Fabolous-Money Build
2.Fabolous-Millie Touchin
3.Fabolous & Lil Wayne Ft. Juelz Santana-Nothin On Me
4.Fabolous Ft. Akon-Im So Fly
5.Fabolous Ft. Freck Billionaire & Paul Cain-Act Like
6.Fabolous-I Came 4 Money
7.Fabolous Ft. Various Artists-Hi Hater(Remix)
8.Fabolous & The Dream-I Luv Your Girl(Remix)
9.Fabolous Ft. Ne-Yo & Jaimee Foxx-Miss Indepedent(Remix)
10.Fabolous Ft. Rick Ross,Flo-Rida,Fat Joe & Lloyd-Go Ahead
11.Fabolous-Born Pimp
12.Fabolous Ft. Joe Budden,Ransom & Hitchcock-Family Reunion
13.Fabolous Ft. Styles P,Jadakiss & M.0.P.-Keepin It Gangsta(Remix)
14.Fabolous Ft. Pusha T-Jokes On You
15.Fabolous Ft. Ryan Lesie & Cassie-Addiction
16.Fabolous Ft. L.E.G. Bogus Boys-We Ain Playin
17.Fabolous & Red Cafe Ft. Jadakiss & Fat Joe-Paper Touchin(Remix)
18.Fabolous-5000 Ones

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first bitches!!! i don´t know if this mixtape is nice. i´ll give it a spin. i like how fab flows but usually he doesn´t make the type of music i like. i more on this smooth 70ies flavor shit, but let´s give it a try...

fab can flow...

fab can flow...
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the BEST rapper alive, yeah i said it

FAB IS NASTYY hes underated

FAB IS NASTYY hes underated

STREET FITTED AN *718* All day erryday

FAB IS NASTYY hes underated
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IS DIS FIRE?? or jus usual iite/Gd mix dat fabo makes i kno he usually delivers but i dont want t download sum average tracks dat i get from most mixtapes...

Fucks Wit It

fucks wit dis nigga loso, couldn't wait 4 dis to drop ... Good up

what you mean couldnt wait

what you mean couldnt wait for this to DROP!!!!! all this shit old i need NEW FAB SHIT!!!!!!!
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Yeah he is, he is supa underated. Youg bull got skillz

Im from Texas and I like

Im from Texas and I like this nigga! he got some flows to make you think...."new york love me/i got a taylor made flow".....etc....that entire line was tight. this nigga is HIGHLY UNDERRATED!!!
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hahah when i heard that line

hahah when i heard that line i spun it back a couple of times hahaha

Dis shit is hot but its

Dis shit is hot but its mostly real old tracks
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Fab lips Gloss is

Fabs Lip Gloss Is Poppin No Homo
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nigga said "im in da buildin like a cory lidle flight" LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, for you slow niggas thats that baseball nigga that played for the Phillies/Yankees and died when his plane crashed into a buildin in NY LMAO, fabolous is the hottest lyricist in da game, by milessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss... NY love him.... he got that taylor made flow HAHAHA "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"


line of the week" Fab in da carribean, dabalin and dibbyin/ leapin from pad to pad fab might be amphibian"