DJ Delz & Fabolous - Jacking 4 Beats (Freestyle Collection)

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1.Fabolous-Bill Gates
2.Fabolous-White & Blue
3.Fabolous -Funk Flex Bmf Freestyle
4.Fabolous -Go Harder
5.Fabolous-Roger That
6.Fabolous-Fuck You
7.Fabolous-Popular Demand
8.Fabolous-Barry Bonds
9.Fabolous-5000 Ones
10 .Fabolous-Brooklyn We Go Hard
12 .Fabolous-Now What
13.Fabolous-Let The Beat Build
14.Fabolous-Roc Boyz
15.Fabolous-Some Niggas
16.Fabolous-Mr Rip
17.Fabolous-Talking Pictures
18.Fabolous-Fuck Em All
19.Fabolous-Fab Is Like
20.Fabolous-My Town
21.Fabolous-Lets Do It
22.Fabolous-Turnt Up
23.Fabolous-Say Something
24.Fabolous-A Millie
25.Fabolous-Whos That
27.Fabolous-Exhibit F
28.Fabolous Featuring Bleu -Hate It Or Love It Bmf
30.Fabolous-Big Thangs Poppin
31.Fabolous-Beamer,benz Or Bentley
32.Fabolous-Say Hello
33.Luck Corleone-A Few Things To Talk About
34.Luck Corleone-Flashing Lights

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Best Rapper ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Best Rapper ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you gotta be a retard bkuzz tech n9ne iz da Best Rapper ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nu uh, Lady Gaga iz da Best

Nu uh, Lady Gaga iz da Best Rapper ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Can't go wrong...

with a some Los. Dude's always been a beast.

Gotta Give Credit 2 where it belongs

I was lookin for some good freestylin mixtapes an man, I cannt believe i been sleepin on Fab all this time. Buddy went hard wit this one. Downloaded it when it was released an um still bangin it.