Fabolous - Coco Loso 2.0



1. (00:04:24) Fabolous - One In A Million
2. (00:03:23) Fabolous - May I
3. (00:04:15) Fabolous - Steve Jobs
4. (00:04:03) Fabolous - Make Some Noise
5. (00:01:38) Fabolous - White And Navy
6. (00:05:01) Fabolous - Right Above It
7. (00:04:48) Fabolous - Start It Up
8. (00:05:43) Fabolous - Deuces
9. (00:04:26) Fabolous - Tangerine
10. (00:06:34) Fabolous - Remember
11. (00:04:08) Fabolous - City Life
12. (00:03:54) Fabolous - 5 Seconds
13. (00:01:10) Fabolous - Crazy
14. (00:04:31) Fabolous - Swagger Rite
15. (00:06:45) Fabolous - Incredible
16. (00:04:58) Fabolous - Why Wouldn't I
17. (00:03:06) Fabolous - Grand Theft Audio
18. (00:03:12) Fabolous - The Cypher

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Loso is definitely a talented dude. Theres not really an argument otherwise...
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So is Prince, Micheal

So is Prince, Micheal Jackson, and Tevin Campbell.. [ |_-CHECK OUT TRAILER FOR ATL's NEW GAY REALITY SHOW!!! http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh1grL07T4Wvj55lHw GAYTL BCUZ ATL IS THE GAY CAPITOL OF THE SOUTH-_| ]
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Theyre gay. Let me guess what the beef with Fab is... You all think he's too commercial like everyone else people hate on. Dudes got natural talent, metaphors for days, and the ability to please lyricist fans and commercial fans. Dudes sick! Nuff said...
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I agree

I agree

co- sign

co- sign

Yo..stop hatin this cover go hard denna bitch! shit fly's fuck!

I'mma download this shit fuck what'cha heard. I got the first one too. This nigga been doin it. Yall talkin down bout the nigga like he wouldn't lyrically murk more than half of the niggas thats comin' out right now. Fuck yall talkin bout? Hell, I might bite off the shit myself and make it look better. Instead of a glass a piss water, put a bottle a 'trone on'nat muhfucka. " FUCK A BUGATTI, BITCH I RIDE CUTLASS "


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In the closet

Who gives a F.Uck if he's a faggot or not, unless you are in the closet and ashamed of it, dude is easily one of my favorite artists and I could give 2 shits what he does out of the studio.
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Tape is hot fire...

Tape is hot fire...