DJ Biz , Lloyd Banks & Styles P - Ghost Money

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01.Lloyd Banks-Its My Time
02.Styles P-Im Just Tryna Get Rich
03.Lloyd Banks-Fast Lane
04.Styles P-I Don't Wanna Be Right
05.Lloyd Banks-Hate On Me
06.Styles P-I Like
07.Lloyd Banks-On Da Spot Freestyle#1
08.Styles P-On Da Spot Freestyle#1
09.Lloyd Banks-Put It Back
10.Styles P-Somebody Loves You
11.Lloyd Banks-Finally
12.Styles P-Street Code
13.Lloyd Banks-Hard Days
14.Styles P Ft Sheek Louch And Pete Rock-914
15.Lloyd Banks-718 Nigga
16.Styles P-Better Watch Yourself
17.Lloyd Banks-Call It How I See It
18.Styles P-Please Believe
19.Lloyd Banks-Money Walks
20.Styles P-Alarm Blaze
21.Lloyd Banks-Anotha 50
22.Styles P Ft Large Amounts-Freestyle
23.Lloyd Banks-On Da Spot Freestyle#2
24.Styles P Ft Rashad-My Favorite One
25.Lloyd Banks Ft Keri Hilson-Help
26.Styles P-Good Times
27.Lloyd Banks Ft 50 Cent-Cake

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man dis shit trip me out...the best rapper out and the fuckin worst on the same shit...sp the ghost keep that fire comin dog

thats wut im sayn my dood..

thats wut im sayn my dood.. sp the ghost dblock lox til death.. fuck is banks doin on this shit?

D-BLOCK............... CHEERS

I am so f**king disappointed with this mixtape....... Please take this down asap.... This mixtape just fcuked up my entire week.... Who told this dude that lloyd banks n any member of dblock could be on the same tape.....

str8 up, why is dblock and

str8 up, why is dblock and gunit on the same shit? this is it, i quit rap wtf seriously way to ruin my day too dog, woke up got baked on some sour and then i see this shit. what a buzz kill

y'all are some corny ass

y'all are some corny ass niggas.. sound like a bitch that got cheated on haha.. listen to the fuckin tracks both banks and sp got mad lyrics so fuck your opinions based on nothin

yo check it - THA TRUTH

This tape was made to show the huge fuckin difference between a real nigga and a gunit faggot - nigga is so candy yo..look at the fuckin irony maaan....the public wants tha faggot shit more than tha true shit...dis mixtape is just to show how fuckd the game is...sp tha truth...

dont even trip tho

truth is...none of these top sellin hoes would never sign or collab with a nigga like sp cuz dis nigga will outshine them for sho...take the fuckin spotlight like a muthafukka - I paid dues - send u to jesus - wit a tre deuce - or beat u wit a bat like babe ruth - stay loose - or i smack u in the face with a grey goose - sp

aint yall heard d block and

aint yall heard d block and the unit are straight they loookin at makin paper toghether that why u will see alot of these mixtapes poppin up now the videos on this is jada himself sayin it check it out


fuk da haters banks is da P.L.K no 1 does it better..CASSIDY comes close hes ondat hud shit2