Superstar Jay & Lloyd Banks - Everything Brand New

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1. (00:00:11) Lloyd Banks - No One Is Better
2. (00:02:59) Lloyd Banks - Beamers Benz Bentley
3. (00:02:13) Lloyd Banks - Banks 03
4. (00:01:51) Lloyd Banks - The Raw Prod By Killamessiah
5. (00:02:57) Lloyd Banks - Shitty City Pt 2 Prod By Doc
6. (00:00:53) Lloyd Banks - I Wanna Rock
7. (00:01:40) Lloyd Banks - Never Enough Prod By Doc
8. (00:02:06) Lloyd Banks - Without You Prod By Doc
9. (00:03:17) Lloyd Banks - Sod
10. (00:03:31) Lloyd Banks - 730
11. (00:03:07) Lloyd Banks - Southside
12. (00:02:04) Lloyd Banks - Freestyle
13. (00:01:35) Lloyd Banks - Freestyle
14. (00:02:06) Lloyd Banks - I Am Legend
15. (00:01:34) Lloyd Banks - 80S Baby
16. (00:03:06) Lloyd Banks - Freestyle
17. (00:02:08) Lloyd Banks - Do It For This Block
18. (00:02:08) Lloyd Banks - Freestyle
19. (00:02:54) Lloyd Banks - Im Back 70 Bars
20. (00:02:23) Lloyd Banks - Practice
21. (00:02:11) Lloyd Banks - Freestyle
22. (00:03:06) Lloyd Banks - Hater
23. (00:01:25) Lloyd Banks - Mic School
24. (00:03:07) Lloyd Banks - Avg Bitch
25. (00:01:35) Lloyd Banks - They Mad
26. (00:02:32) Lloyd Banks - Another 50
27. (00:02:29) Lloyd Banks - 2Gsup
28. (00:03:26) Lloyd Banks - Unreleased 96
29. (00:01:51) Lloyd Banks - For The Moment
30. (00:02:24) Lloyd Banks - Lights Camera Packin

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Trap beats
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banks got serious flow in my

banks got serious flow in my opinion but with his shit i either love it or it dont phase me. anyone know if this is official or not? i recognize some of the tracks but not all of em...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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it aint official. Just

it aint official. Just another Dj tryna get some fame off Banks' name.
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Flow Is OK

Bank's flow is ok but dude got the most annoying damn voice ever! Every time I listen to dude rhyme I automatically try to clear MY throat! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
who cares's picture

i think

his voice is actually part of what attracts me 2 his music. Cuz it's so weird and different
Samerder's picture

And you voice sounds like a

And you voice sounds like a 6 year old girl wit downs syndrome so you shouldnt hate on banks cuz he is straight original.
Upsouth804's picture


...And you voice?!!!! WTF? Muthafukka u SOUND like u got Down's Syndrome. How the HELL can u tell what I sound like reading my comments over the computer? This ain't Speak & Spell dumbass! LOL Wipe ya' mouf slobberknocker! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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overall good mixtape. he

overall good mixtape. he needs to come hard like this on his next album!$allergic to broke people$

This mixtape is hot but

This mixtape is hot but Check out Flight Risks new song "Anthem" @ is the blog
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The more you post that shit

The more you post that shit the less interested people will be in your shit. Curren$y and Wiz already got that jet/plane shit maybe you should come up with your own thing
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Some New Some Old....

Some New Some Old.... Nevamind "If The World Was Flat All Wack Rappers Would Have Been Fell Off"
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old tracks some new, but i still fux wit banks!dig dat doe
PhantomOfTheDirtCity's picture


old tracks some new, but i still fux wit banks!dig dat doe