DJ Burn One & K.D. - Playa Prezident

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01. Tha Playa Prezident Intro (Prod. by B. Kirk)
02. Hate Dat Shyt (Prod. by B-Phlat & KD)
03. Bitchez, Weed, & Money (Tribute 2 Pimp C) (Prod. by B-Phlat & KD)
04. Summa (Prod. by B-Phlat & KD) feat. FDP
05. Talk Like A OG (Prod. by B. Kirk) feat. Jackie Chain & FDP
06. U R (Prod. by B-Phlat) feat. Darrell
07. Iye Kontac (Prod. by B-Phlat) feat. Darrell
08. Southern State Uv Mind (Prod. By B-Phlat)
09. Rydeout (Prod. by B. Kirk)
10. Million Bux (Prod. by B-Phlat) feat. H.A.M., 1$t Dagree, Hollow Tip
11. Feelz Good (Prod. by Rafael Andres)
12. Wut U Xpect? (Prod. by DJ Toomp)
13. Wuz HanninÆ (Prod. by Kidz With Machine Gunz)
14. So Good (Prod. by Kidz With Machine Gunz) feat. The Cancer
15. Drop My Top (Prod. by B-Phlat & KD)
16. Tha Playa Prezident (Prod. by B-Phlat & KD)
17. Change (Prod. by Kidz With Machine Gunz)
18. Tha Playa Prezident OUTRO (Prod. by Bamboo)

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yo how do I upload mixtapes??!!!!

not working!

i tried to sign up on and they never sent me a comformation email?! i buy mixtapes on the regular and i want to share em. i get all the new southern style djs mixtapes every month only a 30min drive.

yo hit me up and ill help

yo hit me up and ill help you get setup:
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Anybody heard this?

Anybody heard this?

yo I've only heard the first 3 tracks

and they were pretty fuckin good. Burn One usually delivers and the last mixtape he did with KD was pretty good. do now let this one pass you by, definitely worth checkin out. VERY nice beats.


i just saw DJ Burn One's Myspace today. Didn't know he was white. Go figure one of my favorite, no my favorite Dj right outta Atlanta, Georgia, that guy that's always bringin datpiff with every mixtape he puts out and never says a word on any of them which is great, is white. do you guys know where i can get all the mixtapes that aren't on this site from him?