KD - Playa & A G


01 Kd - Dfs [Prod. By B. Kirk]
02 Supa Villain - Like A Muthafcka (Feat. American Maro & Kd) [Prod. By Supa Villain]
03 Zilla - Ridin Swervin (Feat. Kd) [Prod. By Q-Red]
04 Kd - Really Down (Feat. 1$t Dagree) [Prod. By 2Gs]
05 Kd - Gucci Hat (Feat. Lee Banks) [Prod. By B. Kirk]
06 Cory Mo - Do You See Mo (Feat. Kd & 2Deep) [Prod. By Cory Mo & Dj Burn One]
07 Zavey - Let Me Ride (Feat. Kd) [Prod. By Stunt N Dozier]
08 Kd - Like I Should (Feat. Scotty) [Prod. By Dj Burn One]
09 Moe D - Is It (Feat. Kd & Willie-B) [Prod. By John Qwest]
10 J Dro - Wide Open Ii (Feat. Kd) [Prod. By Bflat Trax]
11 Kd - City Lights (Freestory) [Prod. By Bflattrax & Dj Burn One]
12 Don Prez - Ghetto Kidz (Feat. Kd) [Prod. By Prezzley P]
13 Clezze Purp - Stay Out The Way (Feat. Kd)
14 Kd - Dope Dick [Prod. By Dj Burn One]
15 Kd - Midnight Lyfe (Feat. Indeed) [Prod. By Jonny Amo]
16 Big Cov - Get Her Mind (Feat. Kd) [Prod. By J$mil]
17 Kd - Nasty Dancer (Feat. Don Prez) [Prod. By Prezzley P]
18 Kd - Tryna Fck [Prod. By B. Kirk]
19 Kd - So Much Smoke [Prod. By Travae]
20 Lil Pooh - Let Em Sing (Feat. Kd)
21 Scotty - Still (Feat. Kd & Sl Jones) [Prod. By Dj Burn One]
22 Lo - Big Swangas (Feat. Kd, And J.Lyricz) [Prod. By John Qwest]
23 Kd - Boss Up (Feat. P Watts) [Prod. By Dj Burn One]
24 Klub Monsta - D-Off (Feat. Kd) [Prod. By Dj Burn One]
25 Kd - Live And Learn [Prod. By Jt Soul Of Slaves]
26 Kd - My Type Of Bitch [Prod. By Dj Burn One]
27 Loegz - Billie Jean (Feat. Kd) (Remix)
28 H.A.M - Purple Clouds Green Skies (Feat. Kd) [Prod. By Prezzley P]
29 Kd - Smokin' Room (Feat. Cornbread) [Prod. By Dj Burn One]
30 Elliot Niezel - Rollz (Feat. Kd)
31 Kd - Die Alone [Prod. By B. Kirk]

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