DJ Cannon Banyon & DJ Dyce - Bad Mutherfu*kers 7 (Hosted By Just Rich Gates)


01 Intro
02 J.C.E. Ft Hollywood - Earthquake
03 Just Rich Gates And J.C.E. - Got Rad Skit
04 Webbie Ft Lil Phat - Do It Bigger
05 Haters Skit
06 Lil Phat Ft Gucci Mane - Ching Ching
07 Killer Mike Ft Yung Ralph - Oh Yeah
08 Waka Flocka Flames & Just Rich Gates, G.E. Live On 99.3fm Sumter Sc With Uncle Budda Rat
09 Eminem - The Warning Mariah Carey Diss
10 Grip Ft Oj Da Juiceman - Jumpin In Yo Lady
11 G.E. Speaks On That Rad
12 Just Rich Gates , G.E. - Im Swagged Up Pt2
13 Lil Scrappy Ft Ludacris - Addicted To Money
14 Just Rich Gates Speaks
15 Oj Da Juiceman - Juiceman
16 Trelle - Souldja Down
17 Just Rich Gates Speaks
18 Rulette The Rogue Warrior - Real Musik
19 Ill Dot Logic - Hylane
20 G.E. Speaks
21 Jq Ft Lil Brod - Lock You Down
22 Rox - Danger
23 Tone Trump - Wifey
24 Corna Boyz Ft Yung L.A. - Posed To Do
25 Nappy Roots Ft Anthony Hamilton - Down N Out
26 T-Roc Ft Gucci Mane - Bounce Back(South Cak Certified
27 Lil Scrappy Ft Gucci Mane - Look Like This
28 Outro Prod By Dj Cannon Banyon

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Rell Flo City SC's picture

im south cak all day

the local shit i love to see on her but the only local track i was feelin was number 12 Just Rich Gates , G.E. - Im Swagged Up Pt2 yung ralph shit was good and the gucci and lil phat i wonder why those other boys from baton rouge aint fuck wit gucci yet "South Cak coming soon believe it or not" by way brooklyn AAHHH!

O _ O

lol... gucci mane head on busta rhymes body.
BigWes706's picture

Nappy Roots And Anthony Hamilton

Worth the download by itself nappy roots fell off hard though, greg street tried to help it with they last single but i guess it didnt help em to much
Mr.Southwest's picture

Im Tired Of Thiz Wakka Flokka And Lame Ass Dj Dyce Shit!

Heart Of A Hustla,Mind Of A G...Lame As Hell!!