DJ Cannon Banyon & DJ Dyce - Georgia Brothers (Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo)


1.Aint Nothing Else To Do
2.Shawty Lo Ft Ludacris - Atl Ga
3.Gucci Ft Shawty Lo Busta Rhymes - Hood Up
4.Shawty Lo Ft Rick Ross, Bun B Lyfe Jenings - 911
5.Wale Ft Gucci Mane - Pretty Girls
6.Shawty Lo - Hello, Goodbye
7.Gucci Mane Ft Three 6, Keri Hilson - Medicine
8.Cocaine Cowboy Pt 2
9.2 Ju Ft Shawty Lo - Picture Perfect
10.Gucci Mane Ft Awesome Ft Snoop Dogg
11.Rick Ross, Ft Shawty Lo, Big Boi - Magnificent Rmx
12.Gucci Mane Ft Oj Da Juiceman - Mo Money
13.Shawty Lo - Movement
14.Gucci Mane Ft Dg Yola - Imma Dog(Full Version)
15.Eladarodo Red Ft Shawty Lo - Bakers Man
16.Gucci Mane - Ego Trippin
17.Gucci Mane First Drive Then Ride

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THIS IS A REPOST OF THE EXACT SAME DAMN TRACK LISTING OF THE LAST Couple of other tapes with Gucci, Oj and Shawty lo on it.. don't you think it's gettin a lil redundant? somebody is floodin this fuckin site with the same bullshit with different covers and in some cases renamed tracks.. All the good tapes are being pushed out by this shit!??? C'mon now! Im about to start submittin some real nigga shit to see if it get posted... [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

Last Time I Checked...

This site wasn't intended to be your personal new and exclusive download portal. It is a promotional mixtape site. Just because you have all of these tracks from various other mixtapes does not mean that putting them together in this order isn't a decent mixtape. Not ALL submitted tapes are posted on the front page. Feel free to click the links at right to see anything that isn't posted on the main page. And STOP bitching. This site asks for no money from you. Comment on the music, not the site or it's very gracious moderators.
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I like your nerves, guess what, i can comment on what the fuck i want.. Is there anything you can do about it? nope.. shut the fuck up and sit back and watch my rant or move the fuck on bout ya business, imma keep doing me... who the fuck is this nigga think he the dictator and the know all say all of anything that goes on here?.. Either you better be paying my internet bill or bring bread to me in order to have any say so to what the fuck i do.. otherwise your shit just comedy and eye candy for bitch asses... Move the fuck ova and let a real nigga respond.. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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dis site is a breading

dis site is a breading ground for haterz and bitchez cant belive how many pepole just bitch all the time on dis site shit gettin lame we dont want to hear u cry bout everthing just d/l are not and keep it moving
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Unfortunately and fortunately this is the real world of how things work in real life.When any product is displayed and used by the public and there's a way of either verbally or typing your reviews on somethign it's immediately under scrutiny, that means people will either display their like or dislike on that product.. ............................................................................................ since we live in America we have this little thing called "Freedom of speech" that means we have the right to hate, love, rant, suggest etc... Not much you or anyone can say or do about it.., If you wanted to get tapes off a site without all of this hate, love, envy, you should try sites without Blogs, Move to china where everything is more controlled.. or better yet.. don't read these blogs if they bother you so much, you have full control over what you view on your computer so i don't understand what ya'll issue is with whats displayed, if you have the need to read it and want to reply so be it.. otherwise don't bitch about other people's opinions, it's...................................................... your one and only suggestion is to get the moderators involved, they have the final say of removal since this is their private property sorta speak.... and im not just speaking to you on this, im speaking on all the kats that share the same opinion as you but are a bit ignorant on how real life works. ... "good luck ya'll" My bad for the long reply but again you have the "RIGHT" to read it or don't im not making you... [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Yung Screw 817 wrote:
fuck boys dont mind me!! bitch ass nigga fuck you an yo mama....texas died when pimp c died...fuck boy.
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The short yellow bus niggas

are mad and are turning into internet thugs over a gucci and shawty low tape. Two of the worst rappers in rap history next to Vanilla Ice and MC hammer. Do they make you wear your helmet when you get off the short yellow bus or is that just for the ride. I'm just asking.
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Lmao!You Must Be With Them

Heart Of A Hustla$ You Probably Tha Head Of The Yellow Short Bus Wtf You Talkin About Nigga.
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This Nigga Mr SoufWest

Nugga take yo ass on outta here with dat ABC shit.. yo ass sit on here and have nothin else to do but act like you tryin to clown, yo ass aint funny!, yo ass got clowned on by every damn body. every single Gucci and OJ tape yo ass on dere havin a fit and shit, dat crusty lip fake gold teeth Nigga Gucci don't wont YOU!

dis nigga

dont nobody give a fuck bout ur comments yo save dat shit for myspace u fairy ass nigga

first time

this is my first post..i was hoping to post on a better tape. But it is what it is the tape is weak, then again look at where it's from..i'm starting to think that Gucci is the only dude making music him and the so icy boys.