Trap Music (Summer Edition)



1. Gucci Mane - Weird
2. Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo - Nothing Else To Do
3. OJ Da Juiceman - Time Clock
4. TI - That's What I Thought
5. Lil Boosie - Bullshit
6. J Money Shawty Lo Young Jeezy - 1st Name Last Name Remix
7. Ludacris - OG's Theme
8. Rick Ross - Butterfly Tattoos
9. Bun B & Lil Boosie
10. Gucci Mane - First Drive Then Ride
11. Gucci Mane - Cocaine Cowboy
12. TI - Welcome Back To The Trap
13. OJ Da Juiceman - Gimme 20$ Remix
14. Three 6 Mafia Gucci Mane & Keri Hilson - Medicine
15. Lil Boosie & Webbie - How We Do It
16. Bun B - Fresh
17. Bun B & Bobby Valentino - Hands On Me Remix
18. Young Buck & 8 Ball & MJG - Without Me
19. BG - Gangsta
20. Rick Ross - Diamonds
21. Gucci Mane - Ego Tripping
22. OJ Da Juiceman - I'm The Man
23. Hunt & 2 Pistols - Young Millionaires

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seed seed

seed seed seed im stuck at 31%
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You sure??

You sure you want this seeded?.. All of these tracks are about 2 months old.. just go download the 25 Gucci Mane/Oj Mixtapes that released in May and June and you got all of this shit and more that will probably be on other compilation mixtapes down the line, Gucci might not even be recording anymore Mixtape tracks for all we know, his Album getting ready to release soon, it'll be smart for him to stay away from Mixtapes for a while, he not as diverse as other rappers that can change up and make they shit sound different, so it's easy for nigga's to get tired of his shit easily, i bet you don't even listen to his old stuff that came out about 3 months ago huh? That shows you his replay value. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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dat new luda joint is dope as all hell

Gucci Mane is diverse where

Gucci Mane is diverse where the fuck you been for the last couple of years and as far as mixtapes go Gucci keep the streets fed hottest nigga out wit daT shit for real!
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Dah fuck you talkin about homie?

Nigga, GUCCI is about as Diverse as tooth pick, dat nigga talk about one got damn thing most of the time even in R&B songs n shit, and he rap exactly da same got damn way, i been listenin to this nigga way before he went to jail and ya'll Fuck asses jumped on his dick.. Most Nigga's out here in Ga den played him out and he no longer that heat, nigga still got 1 or 2 hot tracks circlin around but U call him diverse like he all of the sudden turned into this Lyrical God sent from heaven speakin in parables, he Sound the same as he did when he was a nobody on his porch sellin stank weed and diluted powder, this Nigga wasn't nothin before he went to prison, in fact yo ass wouldn't be moist to get on top of his dick had he not went to Jail- all ya'll lil kids is laughable with this "PUT A IGNORANT NIGGA ON THE THRONE BECAUSE WE THINK HE REAL FOR TIME IN PRISON" Get yo Sorry fuck ass outta here talkin stupid shit