DJ Cannon Banyon & MIDIMarc - Good Ass Remix Part 2

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7 months after the release of the critically acclaimed "Good Ass Remix", Part 2 is finally here.

Featuring original exclusive remixes produced by MIDIMarc (SEA Producer Of The Year nominee) & DJ Cannon Banyon, with artists such as Juicy J, Project Pat, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Fat Rat Da Czar, Mr. Flip, Hollwyood, L’Daialogue and more, you already know this exclusive presentation is a must download!

Download Part 1

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Keep bringing us this hot sh*t!!!!!!
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Well done!!
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The artwork is tight.

The artwork is tight. Whatever happened to that cartoon? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The Artist Resource For PRINTING, GRAPHIC DESIGN, CD DUPLICATION, DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION & MORE!! All Under One Roof!



Listen2theOriginals fuck this

both yo gotti songs is worse than originals,you ruined 30inches,your millie remix is an old juelz sample,dope boy knot was only good becuz of the original beat,your aww man is shit you on zay's dick on that beat,How the fuck yall talkin bout a good ass remix?when you done worse than the originals?only like 3beats was ok-ish and the skits wit shitty fart need to stop.


We all have our opinions homie..I'm not mad at you at all....I've been doing my thing with the remixes for a minute now, and if you love em or hate em I'm just glad you listened..I remember back in the day when folks weren't payin attention at all. Dig a lil deeper and check out my catalog..maybe you'll like something..if not ah well..either way thanks for the download My beats are better than yours Sincerely, MIDIMarc
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what tags things?

i didn't listen to this i have to admit, i didn't really like the tracks when i read them... but nothing could have been worse than the original oj line on keep it hood, so that had to improve.... but why is this tape tagged, who tagged it, not many people have commented on it and it seems to have gotten modest reviews... there have been some recent tapes that didn't get any negative reviews, even those of us that don't really get along agreed that some tapes/tracks where fire, and they don't get tagged, shouldn't some of those stay tagged so that more people get a chance to see smaller artists... everyone who wants that oj or jay-z will go find it but smaller stuff will just get lost in the shuffle.
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Not feelin it..

came out really bad, almost amaturish, some were aiight but the choice of artist kinda limited me listening to this all the way through to see if there were anything worth listening to.. can't stand Gooch, OJ, Sawty Lo, i will fuckin commit suicide before i listen to Mike Jones anything, and a few kats i aint even know i probably wont even try to listen to their shit anymore based on what i heard off this..
But listen bruh, i appreciate your effort, keep doing what you do, if you have a lil fan-base i hope it grow and keep at ya craft, not my cup of tea thats all and i did go through ya catalog and on the real im not feelin most of it mostly due to the track listings of most
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

Jus because you make a beat

Jus because you make a beat and slap any ol acapella over em dont always make a good remix cuz i noticed that alot of the grooves your beats had made the raps even worse than they were,shit didnt mesh but yeah how did this get tagged to the top of the main page?






this mixtape looks gay i dk y they lving it at the top like its the shit or somethign like fuck

So Midi how much you payin

So Midi how much you payin to have your back catalog everywhere on dis site tagged at the top n shit some do a shout out on a skit shit?some illuminati sell ya soul shit or what?


Comments are in the text form so I don't know what your tone really is. Is it a joking "How much you payin?" or do you really think I'm paying money. The folks at MixTapeTorrent like what I'm doing and they believe in to answer your question...I don't pay anything. I bring good music consistently to the table. It seems like this mixtape being featured is really striking a nerve with least that what it seems like. call and we can discuss it further 803 466 4267..or email If the tape sounds that bad to you i understand commenting on it with your criticism..i do the same thing...but why come right back to it with more comments...the things that i don't like I ignore..its not hard to do. My beats are better than yours

yea the tone was joking

yea the tone was joking hench the sell your soul bit but as far as my beats are better than yours have you ever heard of modesty??Bring on part 3 then well see


Modesty.....i guess...its how i feel though..thats why its my signature. From the number of beat battles I've won to the remix catalog...I feel i've earned the right to say it. Its my slogan...sorry if it offends. My beats are better than yours ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

what append ta good shit on dis site?

i've got a slogan for ya 'get another job' you must of battled against deaf amputees to have won but yeah keep doin wot you do homie My shits are shitter than yours


you mad!!! hahaha. i agree...your shits are shittier than're full of it. take it easy My beats are better than yours
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if midimarc da same dude dat

if midimarc da same dude dat did dat joe budden shit wit portishead then ill check it out cuz dat shit rite there was perfect
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Good smoke.

Hey Midi, I smokes to dat all day. Daddy has spoken!
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Good to see ya repin where ya from MidiMarc. I don't like the fact that you use fruity loops. That program is for amateurs. Gotta step up and get some pro tools. I like the mixtape series though, good shit. You should try and promote on and too. Get this shit out there