DJ Cannon Banyon, DJ Effect & MIDIMarc Present Project Pat - Gorilla Pimp

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1 Gorilla Pimp
2 Chicken Head
3 I Be Fresh
4 I Get Da Chewin
5 Project Pat Speaks 1
6 Ballers Remix prod by MIDIMarc
7 Raised In The Projects feat Chrome prod by MIDIMarc
8 Ima Get This Money
9 30 Inches feat Juicy J prod by MIDIMarc
10 90 Days
11 Burglar Bars feat OJ Da Juiceman
12 They Want Me Gone feat Lil Reno and Juicy J
13 Keep It Hood feat Fat Rat Da Czar and L'Daialogue prod by MIDIMarc
14 Project Pat Speaks 2
15 Cause I'm A Playa feat Pimp C
16 We Gone Rumble
17 Project Pat Speaks 3
18 Whole Lotta Weed
19 Powder
20 Tell Tell Tell feat Young Jeezy and Lyfe Jennings
21 Bonus Instrumental (Keep It Hood Remix prod by MIDIMarc)

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Mr.Southwest's picture

Looks like some Real Old shit to me, not worth the Dl

No need to DL if you already have thiz tracks, Bad Enough you gotta hear Dj cannon's Lame Ass Drops."THE CANNON!" ...5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.
Flint_Seraphim's picture

Are you reading?

I'm sure this says DJ Cannon BANYON. There is a difference.
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This one was better:

This one was better:
bole420's picture

not bad

old but not a bad mix
BRIKZ's picture

I don't know whose more annoying....

Whose more annoying "THE CANNON" or "CLUE CLUE CLUE" plus that T or Die 2 shit was horrible....
dninc's picture


Clue was more obnoxious but at least he had exclusive shit or at least changed the beats, Cannon is a Track harvester, it's rare when he actually gets exclusive tracks so he's not dependable, for the most part all these new DJ's model themselves after Clue..
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