DJ Cash Crook & Slim Thug - Still A Boss


01 Slim Thug - Intro
02 Slim Thug - Houston
03 Slim Thug - Ballin'
04 Slim Thug - Certified
05 Slim Thug - G'd Up
06 Slim Thug - Money Team
07 Slim Thug - New Shit
08 Slim Thug - Freestyle
09 Slim Thug - Random Shit
10 Slim Thug - Shut Your Hood Down
11 Slim Thug - Can't Stop
12 Slim Thug - Money
13 Slim Thug - My Car
14 Slim Thug - Ocd Swag
15 Slim Thug - Bad Bitches
16 Slim Thug - Creepin'
17 Slim Thug - Henny Purple
18 Slim Thug - Freestyle 2
19 Slim Thug - Halloween Night
20 Slim Thug - U Of H Fight
21 Slim Thug - I Wanna See
22 Slim Thug - 6 Foot 6 Inch
23 Slim Thug - Now Or Never
24 Slim Thug - Choppa Choppa Down
25 Slim Thug - What Up Doe
26 Slim Thug - Buku Money
27 Slim Thug - Hustle Hard
28 Slim Thug - Freestyle 3
29 Slim Thug - My Life
30 Slim Thug - Outro

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dninc's picture

Of course imma check this out

Looks official and Thugga is in the elite class so worth checkin out.
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Looks official and Thugga is in the elite class so worth checkin

Good songs, but not offical. The Dj just jacked all of Thugga's leaks he releases every thursday on twitter. #ThugThursday. The official Slim Thug mixtape, with most of there tracks drops thursday.There will be a track on the official one called "My Favorite Bitch". R&B Slim Thug does some singing for the ladies.


Who cares if its official or not, im just glad all his new recent tracks are in one mixtape! Not everybody has time to go dig songs out of twitter. Who the fuck goes to twitter anyway?? That shit is for teh gheys.

Feelz good to hear some

Feelz good to hear some gangsta shit, seems like everyone is gay nowadays. Specially these groupie niggaz that get mad when they favorite rapper get diss.
devilspimp's picture

Get back to work you slacker..LOL! THUGGA

Anyways retard, the offical,mixtape called "Houston", by Slim Thug will be out tomorrow. Get back on your knees in front of your glory hole. FOH... The officail SLIM THUG - HOUSTON (THE MIXTAPE)

U mad?

Hahau so ez to fuck with shit is hilarious!!
devilspimp's picture

Im not mad. Are you? & yes Im white but so are you. FOH

and I have never heard of a black guy ever saying or typing "Hahau".? Is that the noise you make when a cock enters your butt? LOL! All I said in my 1st comment, that was a reply to dnic, is that the real, official, Boss Hogg Outlawz presents version of a Slim Thug mixtape was dropping on thursday. You were like who cares, im happy with this bootleg of old songs by this wack ass DJ. Weird.




Now that was some funny ass sh@t, best response I have read ever!