DJ Mr. Rogers & Slim Thug - Welcome 2 Texas


1. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - O Let's Do it Flow ft Trae
2. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Dedication 2 My Haters (prod by Beanz N Kornbread)
3. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Sweet Love
4. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Lemonade Flow
5. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Rogers-mix-lude
6. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Goin' Hard (prod by GL Productions)
7. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - What's Happenin'
8. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Wanna Choose ft Pimp C, L.E.$ (prod by Mr. Lee)
9. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Homegurl RMX (prod by Red Prodigy)
10. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Strippers ft Lil Ray (prod by GL Prod)
11. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Rep The Dirty ft. Ludacris, Dre Day, Kez (prod by Mr. Lee)
12. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Hit Dat Hoe Flow ft J-Dawg
13. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Slim Speaks
14. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Flex (All Star RMX) ft Party Boyz, Z-Ro, Fat Pimp, Dom Kennedy, Treal Lee & Prince Rick, Ca$h)
15. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers; - Houston ft Cityy
16. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - None of ya Biznezz ft Lil O
17. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Ike Turner Pimpin ft Juicy J, Projet Pat
18. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Keep Rollin' ft Devin (prod by DSF)
19. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Say Something Flow
20. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Strong Enough Flow
21. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Fresh Dressed Fridays
22. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Starched Down (prod by Mr. Lee)
23. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Throwed (prod by Beanz N Kornbread)
24. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - Hard Work RMX ft Dom Kennedy, Rich Boy
25. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - I Wanna Rock Flow
26. Slim Thug & DJ Mr. Rogers - I look Good RMX ft Chalie Boy, Bun B

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slim thugga

i know this some camp fire... cant wait to earfull this 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE
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Wish i could go

I wish i could go to the AllStar game, even though the view from the seats in the Cowboys Stadium will be next to none if you can't afford the over priced lower decks, the large 60 foot screens are a nice feature for it.. But i can sit in my living room and watch on my sofa on my 60inch Plasma screen if i wanted to watch it from a screen and not pay $15 for a corndog.. Not to mention it's snowing out there in Arlington, then they're aint shit to do out there in country ass corn-fed white & blue collard Arlington, so if your not willing to travel down to Dallas or Houston Club scene you just stuck doing what ever is around the stadium, Plus im all superbowled out..
On to the tape.. It's Slimthug, you already know it's an automatic download, his worse tracks would put most of the other shit out on the market from mainstream artist to shame
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country ass corn-fed??

I dont know what you talkin about homeboy but it sounds like you just talkin out of your azz. Ag-Town is a party town! And believe me, the Cowboys jumbotron beats the hell out of your 60in tv. Is worth payin $15 for a corndog. Money is no object when you wana have fun.
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C'mon now

I use to go to all parts of Texas all the time.. unless they did something in the past couple of years other than add a stadium they pretty much have the same shit, Six Flags, Putt Putt golf, I like Hurricane Harbor but ain't nobody gettin in the water in that cold ass weather lol, Hip hop clubs? forget about it!,..
It's all in Dallas and Houston! Arlington better thank god Dallas is only 30-40 mins away, and Fort Worth is too damn white for me, anything above Dallas is pretty much countried out bruh, as much as you gone deny it, thats just how everybody portray it, now they do have some Latin/Hiphop club out there in Arlington i think called fusion or something like that but thats about it.
believe me i know the hot spots of Dallas and Houston area's like the back of my hand and i know my way around all of South East Texas, even toured their to see if i wanted to move there before i came to FL, i have beaux coup cousins that live out there and a brother that live there.
and you know damn well you talkin out yo ass when you say a $15 corndog is worth it lol lol.. Man when i heard a Pizza and a Six pack of cheap Budweiser is going to cost $99.00 i was like jerry Jones outta his god damn mind, naw imma watch that shit right from the comfort of my home and let them celebrities have that shit, i already know most of Arlington, Ft worth, gone be there to fill the seats up, not much else to do, especially since it's snowin :-D.
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damn tourist always talkn shit

Well you go ahead and stay your azz home homeboy. We dont need no more out of town smart mouth niggaz like you no way! Katrina refugees tried it when they came here thinkin they was hard in our schools and streets tryin to run shit.. lol.. Niggaz got a black eye for it. They were all in the news pleading for help cause this Texas Boys were givin them hell. They wuz lookin pretty lame. Why you think they were going back to the N.O. even tho it was still wet? They was runnin scare dawg! Anuther thang, I hate it when out of towners speculate about Texas like rednecks is all we got here. Thats jus ignorant. How you goin to diss a whole state, a whole city like that? Fort Worth is too white??? Lmao!! the only white part of town in Funky Town is the westside kid. Eastside is all black, Northside is all hispanic, and Southside is both! C'mon Dninc dont believe everything you read. You always talk about every city murder rates and crime scene thinking you an expert on every state. Most of the time you just make yourself look bad with your smart ignorance. And if buying a $10 corndog is too much for you than maybe you right, maybe you should stay your broke azz home and watch the damn thang on tv.
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Pretty sure you wrong about the Refugee's i got

Hate to do this to you but you asked for it man:,2933,183031,00.html - New Orleans Refugee's murder Texans.//////// - Katrina Refugees shoot up Houston/////////// - Katrina Refugee kills Dallas resident/////////,2933,189554,00.html - 4th Paragraph, New orleans student beats up Texas students///////
I can go on and on man, i have shit saved for days.. you can't win this debate with me lol, either way i love Texas, i have no problem with some of the state, what you talkin about? ..
New Orleanians wanted back home because there's no where that have the same culture as New ORleans and they wanted to rebuild their city, and theirs no place like New Orleans, thats why they moved back, if Arlington burned down from a wild fire like it always get and get completely burned down you mean to tell me you'd just abandon it and move somewhere else? if so thats exactly why New Orleans is different from other places, people "WANT" To move back there and rebuild it... They had just as many people in Atlanta wanted out of Atlanta because they all say Atlanta is pretty bland of a city and have no culture.. some people like yourself aren't attracted to a city that look like any other big city in the states, they like originality and it's own feel.. thats why it's attracting not only it's own people back but attacted all of the people that helped rebuild it and decided to stay from up north, Boston, Cali, Texes etc, The Population in New Orleans is surging past it's post Katrina numbers and will probably be over-populated in about 10 years if it keep going that way.. So i think it's ya post is a lil off..
and don't get me wrong, you read my post WAY out of context, i never said the whole state was country, i pointed out certain cities, which is country.. i dunno where u got whole state from, i use to always be in Houston and Dallas, i still got peoples out there, I've been all over Texas and besides San Antonio i don't see much else in Texas where i'll visit, Arlington? c'mon man.. Ft Worth? naw.. if i was a Suburb kat i might like Ft Worth maybe..
And yeah imma sit home and not get snowed into boring ass Arlington just hang around a cold stadium all day, and buy Jerry Jones expensive food and drinks lol.. i'll stay my cheap ass home and not give Jerry Jones my money. lol
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hahah yea

man i got love for texas but houston did have a problem when yall crazy niggas came from the bottom of the map 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE
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Like i said you go ahead and stay home, where ever that is? And all them bs links dont do them refugees no justice to what was goin on behind the scenes. All the shit i remember seeing in the local news and in the streets. I would go dig all that shit out like you did but i dont feel like doing all that shit just to prove a point for some nigga i dont even know in the internet. I got betta shit to do. But whatever i guess you win Dninc. Since you have prove you read somewhere? as always. I guess you know more than me even tho you live hundreds of miles away, and i dont know shit even tho it happen in my backyard. (Headspin)And i dont know why you gotta put my city down or Arlington. Why so much hate? You dont know shit about Texas homeboy! When you hear me sayin anything about New Orleans?? besides the mardi grass the city is pretty much ghettoed out nigga. Aint nothing to be proud of. Why you think ol'witey let it sink into the water like he did? If you have so much love for the N.O. why you leave???
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./case closed

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Dont believe everything you read or see on tv. The news media is one big LIE.
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aiight, enjoy the all star jam stuff
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....fuck you and texas yung herb
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Man i go to school at uta

Man i go to school at uta for the time being and there isnt really shit to in arlington so save that now i will say you can find shit to do in ft worth but arlington is a lost cause
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like i said

Camp fire this shit hard... track 3 fire with that al green sample good tape 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE


I KNOW YOU AIN"T TALKIN BOUT FUNKY TOWN!!!!!!!! *LEmmE tEach you SomEthing*
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awww shyt that nigha

awww shyt that nigha thugga... official weekend banga..
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what else more to write
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recommend this

slim thug always go hard really feelin track 7 What's Happenin'
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Finally got around to this tape, its fire. 8/10.

Slim Thug sampling Z-Ro "25

Slim Thug sampling Z-Ro "25 Lighters" on "What's Happenin'" CLASSIC...LOL