DJ Chong Wizard - Bong Hits Vol 1 (Hosted By Yukmouth) (2007)


01. Yukmouth & DJ Chong Wizard – Bongin!!! (intro)
02. Luniz – I Got 5 On It
03. JT Tha Bigga Figga – Did Ya Get Tha Dank
04. JT Tha Bigga Figga, C-Bo & DJ Muggs – West Coast Legends (interlude)
05. Cypress Hill – Hits From The Bong
06. Finger Hash Blend (interlude)
07. Keith Murray – Get Lifted
08. Rick James – Mary Jane
09. Snoop Dogg – Let’s Get Blown
10. Nump – Mr. I Got Grapes (interlude)
11. Nump f/ E-40 – I Got Grapes
12. Beatnuts – Stone Crazy
13. Clinton Sparks – Bong Wizardry (interlude)
14. Jon Rex – Freshies (prod. by DJ Chong Wizard)
15. Redman – Smoke Buddah
16. DJ Evil Dee – Bong Hits Gotcha Open (interlude)
17. Ice Cube – Smoke Some Weed
18. Cheech n Chong – Is that a Joint? (interlude)
19. Where You Been Chong? (interlude)
20. Yall So Stupid – The Plant
21. Mac Dre – Two Times and Pass
22. Vital f/ Richie Rich – Kush
23. Yukmouth – Puffin Lah
24. Styles P. – Blow My Mind (prod. by Swizz Beatz)
25. Z-Ro – Bong Hits, Take You One (interlude)
26. Z-Ro – I’m So High
27. Scarface – Mary Jane
28. Yukmouth & Bun B – I Love Dro
29. Jacka – Barney
30. Jis – Hot Knife Boogie (prod. by Chong Wizard)
31. Layzie Bone – L-Burna (interlude)
32. Bone Thugs – Budsmokers Only
33. Phoenix Jones – The Weed Song
34. Pitbull – Sticky Icky Remix snippet [prod. by Ro-Data & Chong Wizard]
35. Freestyle Fellowship – Mary
36. Pharcyde – Pack The Pipe
37. Bootie Brown (Pharcyde) – Pack The Pipe (interlude)
38. Sir Smoke-A-lot – Got My Bong Out (skit)
39. Chip-Fu (Fu-Schickens) – Come Around (freestyle)
40. Eek-A-Mouse – Ganja Smuggling
41. Luc Duc – Pass The Weed
42. Devin The Dude – Doobie Ash Tray
43. Dirk LP – Purp Kush (prod. by Chong Wizard)
44. DJ Chong Wizard – Can’t Help Myself
45. Yukmouth – All Good Things Come To A End (outro)

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This shit looks like kush but it just might be some dert. Ima see wut it dew and DL this.
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Tons of somke classics on this one

Most of this whole tape you can just let play while you blaze... goes to the zune playlist.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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You'd think a stoner knows

You'd think a stoner knows what a bong looks like--those are clearly hookahs...shitty ones at that

Hahahaha, I was thinking the

Hahahaha, I was thinking the same damn thing.
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Lmao I was just about to comment on that as well. -Live Life Topless-
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I love hookahs. btw, is this dl any good?
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All good

Hey Bong, Hookah, Blunt, Tea, or Cookies all fine with MEEE. This was a nice blend, funny thing I can only listin to this while or after blazing.