DJ Crisis - Shut Up And F--K Vol 2


1. Rihanna- Skin
2. R Kelly- Sex Me
3. Jeremih- I Like
4. Neyo- Say It
5. Trey Songz- Sex Through Your Stereo
6. Travis Porter- Get Naked
7. Sons Of Funk- Pushing Inside Of You
8. Pretty Ricky- Grind On Me
9. Splakavelli- Splakavelli
10. Tyrese- Signs Of Love Making
11. Oobie- Im So Horny
12. Xscape- Little Secret
13. Silk- Freak Me
14. Twista Ft. Chris Brown- Make A Movie
15. R Kelly- Seems Like Your Ready
16. Adina Howard- T Shirt & Panties
17. Drake Ft. Lloyd- A Night Off
18. Pretty Ricky- Up And Down
19. Jb- Lay You Down
20. Star Murphy- Let's Do It
21. Chris Brown- No Bullshit

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Yay glad they made a part 2.

Yay glad they made a part 2. something for the ladies to please they man to....if your into that kind of thing ;) "Always Keep That Good"
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i know the title is so

i know the title is so romantic i use it to pick up bitches!
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i agree and u hot lil mama

i agree and u hot lil mama
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this will come in handy

will cop this for ma lady ;)


nah, give me some al green or luther vandross or brian mcknight not these crappy songs
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If you use this kinda music to get your girl in the mood, you'd already have all these songs. This tape is a garbage mix of random ass songs (about sex) thrown together without any flow at all. -R.I.P. Don Kartel-