DJ Don Cannon & Lil Scrappy - Full Metal Jacket

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1. Intro
2. What's Beef
3. Scrappy Message
4. Emergency Ft. Georgia Dro
5. G's up Anthem
6. Interlude
7. Get Bread Ft. Georgia Dro
8. Soldier Ft. G's Up
9. Im Back
10. Interlude 2
11. Thats It
12. Wait (Whisper Song) Ft. Ying yang Twins
13. Rasheeda Ft. Lil Scrappy - Rock Away
14. Atl To LA Ft. 2pac
15. Southside Ft. Game
16. Take A Picture Ft. Mase
17. G's Up - Trap Niggas ( G's Up Single)
18. Lame Niggas Ft. G's Up (Heat!!)
19. Street Paper
20. Pop Off Ft. Georgia Dro ( Produced By Tec Beatz)
21. Certified Player
22. Playa Hata
23. Lil Chris G's Up Exclusive
24. Number One
25. Alize - Sorta Kinda (G's Up Exclusive)
26. Georgia Dro - Highest Investment
27. Heineken
28. Freestyle 612
29. Some Cut Outro

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wasn't this released a while

wasn't this released a while ago?

Tis mixtape is very very

This mixtape is very very old!

anyone know where i can get

anyone know where i can get the instrumentals for whats beef

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This shit is the best Lil

This shit is the best Lil Scrappy ever. Shit is the truth and classic. Some fuck nigga stole this from me. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout