Chris Brown - In My Zone 2 (Hosted By DJ Drama & DJ Babey Drew)

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Previously: DJ Drama & DJ Sense Present Chris Brown - In My Zone

01 - Chris Brown-Ms Breezy Feat Gucci Mane
02 - Chris Brown-Shit God Damn Feat Big Sean
03 - Chris Brown-Talk That Shit
04 - Chris Brown-My Girl Like Them Girls Feat J Valenti
05 - Chris Brown-F Ck Um All Feat Kevin Mccall Diesel
06 - Chris Brown-Christmas Came Today Feat Seven
07 - Chris Brown-Glitter Feat Big Sean
08 - Chris Brown-What U Doin Feat Big Sean
09 - Chris Brown-Drop Rap Feat Petey Pablo 10 - Chris Brown-Awol
11 - Chris Brown-Seen Her Naked
12 - Chris Brown-Last Time Together
13 - Chris Brown-All Off Feat Kevin Mccall
14 - Chris Brown-Life Itself Feat Kevin Mccall
15 - Chris Brown-Sex Love Feat Lonny Bereal Seven
16 - Chris Brown-Another You
17 - Chris Brown-Boing
18 - Chris Brown-Quits Feat Kevin Mccall
19 - Chris Brown-You Want Me Feat Seven

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This looks very refreshing

This looks very refreshing and to be honest this is my main music plug since rapgodfathers went down. Big ups to anybody making music whether they real or fake. Who cares anymore cause i dont as long as the music bumps.

Naw fuck that, fake niggas gets no respect on MixtapeTorrent

Furthermore, this shit doesn't belong in the top spot. Hell, this type shit don't even belong on this site for that matter. This some ol' Kelloggs Pop Tart bullshit. Yo, I swear this the only type of shit that been droppin within the last two or three months. What? Ain't nobody hungry no more?! It's all good, I'mma be droppin some shit soon and when I do it's gonna smash everything that's comin out right now, real talk. " - Bitch I'm MC Hammah!...I'mma' bout Cream! "
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Fuck nigga

That shit was depressing as fuck... RGF had the best leak on hip hop news next to yk2.. been with that site since launch, fuckin sad to see it go. -R.I.P. Twelve A'Klok-
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EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)

fucc wherwe

YOU FROM BOSTON CELTICS ALLLL DAYYY UR PROLLY A KOBE DICC RIDAH ITS IIGHT THO lol i kno most of yall wouldnt even be fans it it werent for kobes bitch ass RICCET!!!

This Aiight

The first one was good, but this one is okay. Tracks 4 and 10
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sorry everyone i never hate but it's gay to like chris brown. he is wearing an O's hat though so that's the least gay thing this cat has ever done.
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EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
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Listened 2 it a few times already. I like it, its st8. Not on the level of the 1st tape thou, but its all original so that's wats up.

chris brown

this shit is hot for r&b


trash compared to his first zone. first one i was bumpin atleast 6-7, this one, 1. PASS