DJ Drama & Cory Gunz - Heir To The Throne

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01. Intro
02. Who U Fuckin' Wit'
03. Cory Speaks #1
04. Let's Move
05. Plenty Money Freestyle
06. Papa Gat Speaks
07. Bomb Day
08 A New Day
09. Gangsta Grillz
10. Shaq Drop
11. Crew In The Spot
12. Gun Shy
13. Buss A Nigga Head
14. Type Of Nigga I Be
15. Get Right Tonight
16. Drug Raps
17. Big Noise
18. V12
19. Money We Gon' Get It
20. Shut 'Em Down
21. Blowin' This Paper
22. Get U Shot
23 Get You Shot Pt.2
24. Cory Speaks #2
25. This Is What We Do
26. Out Ya Mind

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Donnald D's picture

There is a God

I have been praying every night on my knees for some good music and back to back first the blue print 3 and now this! There is a God!
willyr305's picture


Complete FIRE, A MUST DOWNLOAD![Free Max B! Oww]
willyr305's picture


Complete FIRE, A MUST DOWNLOAD![Free Max B! Oww]


this nigga finally dropped dat fucken dj drama gangsta grillz man i have been waiting for this shit for ages
KrownRoyalty's picture


been waitin on this for a minute. straight fire!!
Yung Screw 817's picture

Gawd Dayum!

THIS SHYT IZ DECENT AZ HELL!! .................8/10!
bole420's picture

nigga hahah........^^^

growth & development... nigga steve wonder can see you a fake ass nigga.... while he sleep hahah! few good traks tho word.....
dninc's picture

Good tape

Pretty good tape.. Decent tracks, could have been over better production but the Lyrics, flow and delivery is off the Meat hook!
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
Upsouth804's picture

Load Ya Gunz

This lil' dude is nice on the mic. Lyrically, he can go wit' the best of 'em freestylin'. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
Jswift's picture


The fucking DJ needs to shut the fuck up. Other than that nice lyrics, beats and flow 8/10 in my opinion. Waving automatic guns at nuns since 1989
KrownRoyalty's picture


hands down my favorite mixtape of the year.

That is a great album. I

That is a great album. I like most of them. Thanks for sharing and keep it up. miami web design
henderson's picture

Yeah this nigga is a problem!

Yeah this nigga is a problem!