DJ Drama - Pharrell: In My Mind (The Prequel)

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DJ Drama and hip-hop super producer Pharrell come together and
get up in your ear with this long awaited, much anticipated mixtape.
Skateboard P blesses Gangsta Grillz with all-exclusive freestyles
and tracks, getting you Aphilliated with the Billionaire Boys Club and
Ice Cream movements. Cameos from T.I., The Clipse, and Twista.

1 - The Prequel
2 - When Skateboard Came
3 - Music For The Gangstas feat. T.I. & Young Dro
4 - Fortified
5 - This Is The Life feat. Famlay
6 - Gangsta Grillz
7 - It Was A Great Day
8 - Model In The Hood
9 - Liquid Swords
10 - Sound Boy
11 - Paid In Full feat. Ab Liva
12 - Come Go With Me feat. Clipse
13 - Startrak Movement
14 - Famlay - Scrung Out
15 - Renagotiations
16 - The Message
17 - High Rollers
18 - Word To The Motherland
19 - Prequel Outro
20 - Reminisce
21 - Lavish feat. Twista

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Props mfizzle...

We request, you deliver. Cheers!

shit is pretty tight, but

shit is pretty tight, but different than i expected, i knew pharrell was a tight rapper, but this shit seals the deal. freestyles are dope, but i wanted more clipse/fam-lay features and more original beats, guess ill have to wait for the album.

thas wassup m fizzel

thas wassup m fizzel, u supplyin demand.... this shit is so hot
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1 luv mfizzel

good looks, now can we pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee get some reggae!!!!!!BETTABELIZEIT....LEGACY ENT. WE RUN AZ

where da weed at?


lol iz this wat we get

we people fans of gangsta music look wat it has become lol pharell on a song called Music For The Gangstas how da hell iz pharell on a song wit the word gangsta in it lol the game iz crazy these days
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Right now its in da air my

Right now its in da air my nig, in da air.....BETTABELIZEIT....LEGACY ENT. WE RUN AZ
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U aint lying, bottom line is

U aint lying, bottom line is the mixtape is good 4 da beats but i dont believe a word pharell says, he's a joke,,,should have kept singing......SRC="" width=107>BETTABELIZEIT....LEGACY ENT. WE RUN AZ
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that model chick talkin in a

that model chick talkin in a track is more hood that pharrell, dude need to go kickflip his ass back to the boards and stay away from booths actin a rapper


word real talk nigga

u gotta respect him though

u gotta respect him though for finally puttin out an album, i read an article in xxl or somethin a while back that said dude lived in the projects when he was a kid and then moved to the burbs for high school, so im sure he knows whats poppin in the hood. guess yall didnt know p ghost writes for a lot of rappers too, but yeah its kinda like kanye, i think he should stick to the beats, but mad respect goes out to him for puttin out an album, cause he is a musical genius. cant wait for that new clipse to come out. they sick as fuck.

Skateboard P

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ well spoken dude is a musical genius and he does have a nice flow

thanks dude, any one know

thanks dude, any one know where to get G-Unit Radio 19 and 20 or that Big Mike Purple City joint?
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Hay Yo P - Stick 2 Producin

Im one of his biggest fans when it cums to producin (but he probibly makes the chink do it anyways) but this shit, dang, even I gotta admit that dude cant rap. If your lookin 4 bangin beats u wont find em on this mixtape, just bullshit raps ova wutang beats. Dude betta cum through on his album cause I am so ova his borderline gaybo sing song flows. MAJOR DISAPOINTMENT and thats from a fan that has brought everything dude done to date, Im a download that shit b4 I think about givin this fag anymore of my doe. I thought u was talented, I actually thought this would be good, I was wrong. PS fuk dat Ice Cream bullshit, it aint hot. Bet Chad can rap betta to, fuk anyone can

Hey Yo

Hey Yo they ain't no new exclusives theres probly 2 out of 19 all it is is just old ass tracks with pharell on um want the exclusives yo the mixtape is ok but not that good not anything i ain't herd before

it's ok

he did iight, he had a few tight tracks but it could have been better

not so good

only the last track:Lavish feat. Twista is aight...for the rest its shit

This was wack to me i got it

This was wack to me i got it cuz i was thinkin it was gonna be his beats , maybe some were but its just wack lyrics over old beats
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it aint that bad

i mean, P aint tha most lyrical cat in the world, but hes allright for a producer. i think is albulm is going to be some other level shit though

this is tight

im lovin this mixtape alot. its one of the few mixtapes i can actually want to listen to all the way. i dont know why people are complainin about him doin a mixtape when i see r&b mixtapes. stop hatin!

he thinks hes a real rap

for a rapper going himself skateboard p is he roreal u cant take a nigga serious if ur name is that and 1 bawl on here said skate p is from the projects what the projcts in hollywood that is nicer then most poeple house in the hood get the fuck out of here no nigga in the hood or pj stakeboard

pharrel mixtape

yo mizel that shit is fire respect my nigga

first of all, learn how to

first of all, learn how to speak english, u fuckin idiot. second of all, there's this thing called a period that you're supposed to put at the end of your sentences so people can understand what the fuck u talkin about. third, p isnt even from hollywood, he's from virginia. get your facts straight, dumb ass nigga.

i kno hes from va u fuck

i said that bc some 1 said hes from the pjs and i said hollywood meaning there anit pjs is just rich poeple get it u dumb fuck

i cant even comprehend what

i cant even comprehend what you're tryin to say. can someone decypher this ignorant garbage for me please?

frankster04 u dumb fuck

break it down for u,i know he is from va,i said that he's from hollywood meaning hes not hood and grow up in suburbs and hang with stateboard muthafuckers,hes not from the projects(pjs)and cant rap , he should keep producing,real niggas anit going to call them stakeboard p u serious , frank dont talk shit,this is ur favorite rapper,shouldnt even listen to rap,he can make beats thats it

this is definitely not my

this is definitely not my favorite rapper, i was just tryin to defend my opinion against an ignorant fuck like u. what about lupe fiasco? he's from the projects and he skateboards. i skate and i know a few dudes from the jects and they're way better than i will ever be. SKATE OR DIE!

thanks for the album man!

thanks for the album man! hope it's tight

I cant get the tracks...

They wont download....I dunno what to do
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the torrent wont download for me

wtf is the deal i've deleted it and downloaded it again and it still doesn't work for me.I dont know what the problem is,can you please try to fix this because i heard this mixtape was fuckin fire.

yo can sumone re-up this

yo can sumone re-up this

Constant "Gangsta, Grillz",

Constant "Gangsta, Grillz", shoutouts & braggin, makes it irritating. Kinda sux, pharrell can do much better than that. Im gonna go bk listnin to N.E.R.D.


face it wether hes real or not he sounds sick as fuck on trax hes a money makin machene . good listenin man ......1

Pharrell all the way, now he

Pharrell all the way, now he paired up wit drama you know this shit goin' ta be maccin