DJ Wristpect - Bridging The Gap V4 (Toronto To Virginia) (Hosted By The Clipse)


01 Wristpect & Clipse - Introduction
02 Clipse - Freedom
03 Clipse [Malice] - Interlude
04 Clipse Ft. Pharrell - Hello New World
05 Clipse - Virginia
06 Clipse - Door Man
07 Jd Era - Primetime [Wristpect Exclusive]
08 Clipse [Malice] - Interlude
09 Re-Up Gang - Big Dreams
10 Clipse - Champion
11 Missy Elliotann Peebles - I Can't Stand The Rain
12 Shae (N.E.R.D.) - Interlude
13 N.E.R.D. - Provider
15 Re-Up Gang - 20K Money Making Brothers
16 Eddie Brock - Sum Of All Fears [Wristpect Exclusive]
17 Clipse [Pusha T] - Interlude
18 Clipse - Chinese New Year
19 Tona - Ghetto Revelation [Wristpect Exclusive]
20 Nickelus F - Interlude
21 Drake Ft. Nickelus F - A Scorpio's Mind
22 Pharrell - Interlude
23 Pharrell - Maybe [Remix]
24 D'angelo - Devil's Pie
25 Page - No Fear [Wristpect Exclusive]
26 Junia-T - Whatup Wristpect [Wristpect Exclusive]
27 Mad Skillz - Interlude
28 Mad Skillz - The Nod Factor
29 Theology 3 - Divine Science [Wristpect Exclusive]
30 Timbaland & Magoo - All Y'all
31 Clipse [Pusha T] - Interlude
32 Clipse - Ride Around Shining
33 P. Reign - I Grind [Wristpect Exclusive]
34 Fam-Lay - Interlude
35 Shark City Click Aka Fam-Lay Ft. Pharrell - Head Bust
36 Clipse - Mamma I'm So Sorry
37 Sinotra - The Harvest [Wristpect Exclusive]
38 Adam Bomb - Survivor Series [Wristpect Exclusive]
39 Clipse [Malice] - Interlude
40 The Neptunes Ft. Clipse - Blaze Of Glory
41 Richie Sosa - Interlude
42 Richie Sosa - '96 Shit [Wristpect Exclusive]
43 Baby Ft. Clipse - What Happened To That Boy
44 Rich Kidd - Interlude
45 Rich Kidd Ft. Colin Munroe & Saukrates - So Much More [Wristpect Exclusive]
46 Clipse [Malice] - Interlude
47 Clipse Ft. Ab-Liva & Pharrell - Cot Damn
48 Mayhem Morearty - A New Day [Wristpect Exclusive]
49 Clipse [Malice] - Interlude
50 Drake Ft. Malice & Nickelus F - Do What You Do [Remix]
51 Nickelus F - Grind, Go Hard, Get Paid [Wristpect Exclusive]
52 Kardinal Offishall - Interlude
53 Kardinal Offishall Ft. Clipse - Set It Off
54 Clipse [Pusha T] - Interlude
55 Clipse Ft. Kardinal Offishall - Grindin [Remix]
56 The Neptunes Ft. Pusha T - Hot
57 Clipse - Outro
Clipse [Pusha T] - Interlude

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Nice cover. Whats it sound like??
chop76's picture

Fuck I thought this was some

Fuck I thought this was some new Clipse left over from their fire ass album, Ill still check it out cause theres alot of people on here Ive never even heard of
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Toronto 2 VA?

Virginia caught my eye so I gotta listen. I'll holla! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...


for weezy F. SHOW RESPECT!!! yo... ne good? tight f*ckin cover........
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Win32/Kryptik.AAQ trojan

Real-time file system protection file D:\TEMP\DJ Wristpect - Bridging The Gap V4 (Toronto To Virginia) (Hosted By The Clipse)-2010-MIXFIEND\44 Rich Kidd - Interlude.mp3.!ut a variant of Win32/Kryptik.AAQ trojan cleaned by deleting - quarantined eset nod32 with last update on soft and database ... FUCK!

whatever you're using for a

whatever you're using for a virus scanner gave you a false positive. Every tape uploaded at is only by verified approved uploaders (this tape uploaded by me)...and just for the hell of it I scanned track 44 and it's clean (of course).
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yeah sorry it's all right ,

yeah sorry it's all right , just disable nod for download , and enable after download it's ok ;-) yaa thx.
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whats the verdict?

is it a D/L?or a don't bother?

Not a virus hoe

definitely if you diggn Clipse. Good remixes, of old stuff and stuff I hadn’t heard yet and all that. Shit bumps, the best out of all mixtapes that came out so far this year
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Its worth the d/l just to

Its worth the d/l just to listen to, if you have Clipse's 3 albums you have all their shit and its not remixed but dudes like Eddie Brock make it worth the d/l, I dont know where hes from but his shits fire so Im going to see what I can find on ol Eddie
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From the T.O

Ye I see u Rich Kidd, Junia T, Richie Sosa, JD Era, Mayhem! You know from time we had more then just Drake. U finally gettin that acknowledgement. crossing that border. Keep reppin for the Ridge block. The T-dot and all the mans north of the border. To be honest this isnt even a sample of the fire they spit. Check em out!! Keep it gully.
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Yo who is Nikelus F? This nigga rhyme is nice, defenately an underdog. looking to hear more from this kat.