DJ Dub & Lil Wayne - Where Da Ca$h At? (Hosted By Currency)


1. (00:01:00) dj dub - intro
2. (00:04:22) lil wayne - i love this guy
3. (00:03:03) lil wayne (ft.mya) - lock you down
4. (00:03:00) lil wayne - i like it
5. (00:05:05) lil wayne - hollygrove hood shit
6. (00:04:24) lil wayne - dough is what i got
7. (00:03:43) dj dub--lil wayne--smitty-swizz beats--twista - diamonds 2007
8. (00:07:09) lil wayne - secret weapon
9. (00:03:04) lil wayne (ft.mack maine) - ride with the mac
10. (00:03:14) lil wayne (ft.currecny & remy ma) - where da cash at
11. (00:01:54) lil wayne - 4 corners
12. (00:01:09) lil wayne - laced up
13. (00:03:14) dj dub (ft.lil wayne & baby) - stuntin (remix)
14. (00:00:48) lil wayne (ft.penelope) - foolishness
15. (00:03:57) lil wayne (ft.young money) - lay my organs down
16. (00:02:58) dj dub (ft.lil wayne & lloyd) - you (remix)
17. (00:01:43) lil wayne - grew up a screw up
18. (00:02:44) currency - crazy
19. (00:01:01) dj dub--lil wayne--baby--yo gotti - i got them (remix)
20. (00:03:01) lil wayne (ft.jim jones & stack bundles) - weatherman
21. (00:01:39) lil wayne & nelly furtado - maneater (remix)
22. (00:01:08) lil wayne (ft.corey gunz) - i gotcha
23. (00:03:01) lil wayne (ft.snyp life) - betcha
24. (00:00:54) lil wayne (ft.mack maine) - ride 4 me
25. (00:01:08) lil wayne & juelz santana - birds flyin high
26. (00:02:54) lil wayne (ft.outkast & snoop doog) - hollywood divorce
27. (00:01:53) dj dub (ft.lil wayne & jody breeze) - catch me if you can (dubmix)
28. (00:03:10) dj dub & currency - chillin on the radio **bonus track 1**
29. (00:02:31) fabolous & currency - diddy bop (remix) **bonus track 2**

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Why do all these DJ's suck?? they stay puttin old shit in their mixtapes. fuck man. Now that the carter 3 sessions is out thats all we will be hearing on mixtapes for the next 6 months.

for real. enough of lil

for real. enough of lil wayne mixtapes and enough of these fucking internet dj's who probably don't even know what a vinyl record looks like.
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No Shit!!!

I agree with all this wack ass Dj's putting out the same garbage. Get rid of all these fucken lil wayne wack ass mixtapes. I grew up to fucken screw up, got introduced to the game and fucken blew up!
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DJ Dub can't mix a track for shit man, this mixtape got some aite tracks but this DJ is horrible Phone skits with fukn echo, who the fuk does that? I don't i even heard Currency say anything at the start of the tracks near the end of "lay my organs down" some other beat jus blasts in for a few secs then turns back off, its bullshit, this DJ didnt even proof listen adding in bus noises n shit R.I.P. Stack Bundles
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these dj's are makin niggas

these dj's are makin niggas sick of lil wayne by puttin same shit out week after week What you mean i dont come from jungle rema