DJ 31 Degreez & Lil Wayne - The Carter 3 Album Leak

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01. Lil Wayne - Intro
02. Lil Wayne - Scarface
03. Lil Wayne - Introducing Jers
04. Lil Wayne - Drowzy
05. Lil Wayne - I Love You Feat Mack Maine
06. Lil Wayne - Introducing Young Ceaser
07. Lil Wayne - Prostitute Flange
08. Lil Wayne - Welcome To The Zoo Feat Mack Maine
09. Lil Wayne - Been Through It All
10. Lil Wayne - S On My Chest Feat Baby
11. Lil Wayne - Three
12. Lil Wayne - Time 4 Us 2 Fuck
13. Lil Wayne - Diamonds & Girls Feat Currency
14. Lil Wayne - Good Coak
15. Lil Wayne - Lets Talk It Over Feat Jers
16. Lil Wayne - smoke That Kush
17. Lil Wayne - Lalalala
18. Lil Wayne - Miami Vice
19. Lil Wayne - Waiting
20. Lil Wayne - I feel Like Dying
21. Lil Wayne - Cash Money Nigga
22. Lil Wayne - Weezy (Higher) Feat Unknown

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Im cautious

Lil weezy da man 1st off, and is this like the offical album leak? i doubt it, this is a 2008 album, but still worth the d-load

carter 3 did leak

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hows it old if it leaked in

hows it old if it leaked in the past 2 weeks?
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its not but

it seems old cus its bin on every fuckin mixtape for the past 2 weeks
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Young Mula Baby This is the

Young Mula Baby This is the official leak he'll be recording new shit for his album since its coming out in 2008 R.I.P. Stack Bundles
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i'm guessing this is the

i'm guessing this is the official leak then, according to that article, even though newer shit has been dropped than some of this... or 31 degreez is a crackhead. i mean this is the same dude who compared weezy to pac. hahaha check my steez:

No Thanks

Worse than that, he compared him to Makaveli Da Don. 31 Degreez sucks! Lil' Wayne is aiight, just overrated. "You can drink ya hatarade and eat ya pohata chips, n*ggas like y'all is caught in the Hatrix/ But I got a hitsquad that leave hater dead, wit' a f*ckin' hole in ya Mr.Pohata head" -Saigon Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

I refuse to download this.

I refuse to download this. OVERRATED! Go back in ya booth Weezy. Lemme hear somethin' Weezy. Get at me dog. It seems like he partying like a rockstar. He goin' that way instead of singin'. That's all. Do these guys really sit around and listen to rock music? I dunno. "everybody is garbage, no exceptions" -Jadakiss Support the real artists. B-More signin' out.......1

The Album Leak Mixtape

Weezy talkin bout The Album Leak Mixtape: June 28: "After releasing "Da Drought 3" mixtape a few weeks ago, Lil Wayne unveiled a YouTube video last weekend, explaining that his upcoming "Tha Carter 3" album was leaked. In response, the rapper plans to release the leaked tracks as a mixtape simply called "The Leak." A new and improved "Tha Carter 3," according to Wayne, will drop in 2008. Until then, Wayne and Juelz Satana's duet album, "I Can't Feel My Face" is being held up with "paperwork" but Wayne promised a single this month."

goddamn i can't wait for

goddamn i can't wait for that can't feel my face shit...

i cant feel my face

I read October 16. Dunno how reliable that is though.
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been holding off on the weezy tapes cause of all the recycled material dj's put out. I may be behind all his recent work but am very happy to be getting this. shame about the cover. crikey, that DL took about 2 mins. my internet is like my drugs- I aways get the best package

nothin new

all the same shit i been ridin to for the past 2 months,to late to be called the leak

Far from classic material

I hope weezy leaked this himself b/c he realized how bad it was...this is a very mediocre and safe album that could have never lived up to The Carter I or II or even the Dedication series...step your game up weezy quit talkin about yourself sellin've never sold crack you've been straight ballin since you were 13 you're a rich kid whether you like it or not...rap about some real shit

Been gettin fucked up too much

Just stick to that sticky weezy...all that syrup and those pills are fuckin you up man, it's pretty evident in your flow...i know you can do better than this...this album would have bombed if it dropped

try downloading them all

try downloading them all those songs are on different albums this site is whack


yanno what..lil wayne..i love him..i cant say i dont..but at the same point n time i gotta say i liked him better when gillie da kidd wrote his shit back when carter I came that cd is still my favorite but the more he releases the worse it gets..esp now that he "writes his own" HAHA!..come on..and i agree this album woulda bombed if released..its raw, stoned, pilled out, drunk, cokehead shit..step it up "dr. carter"..take some time to get back to ya roots and really impress us..PLEASE..


All ya'll on here talkin shit bout weezy are brain dead! First of all everyone who says they like his old shit and don't like the new shit are fake ass fans! People change, times change, and of course music changes! All the best artists have changed dramatically from start to finish! If you know anything about music or even pay attention to music you would know that!!! So don't hate on wayne cause you still choose to live in the 90's while the music industry moves forward! And for the idiot that thinks because people are ballin at a young age that they dont sell drugs! Its very obvious that you don't know shit about the dope game!!! Some of the biggest drug dealers in the world were wealthy before they even learned the dope game! I usually don't even comment on these things but after reading numerous comments from people talking bout shit that they know absolutely nothin about, I had to say something!!! I know this isn't going to stop the stupidity but at least the true fans and people who actually pay attention to whats going on in the world of music will know that there are others out here who still love and support music for what it is and not for what we wish it could be, or what it could go back to! Love it or hate it but lets not be idiots about it!!!

dis shit aint even real wit

dis shit aint even real wit all dem old ass songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stupid ass