DJ Flaco, T.I. And DJ L-Gee - The King Shall Return

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01. Intro (Arranged By Big Steve Gee)
02. T.I. Feat. Swizz Beatz - Bring Em Out (L-Gee Mix)
03. T.I. Feat. Mary J Blige - Remember Me
04. T.I. Feat. Nas - Topless
05. T.I. Feat. Kobe - This Is Detox
06. T.I. - Shit Popped Off
07. T.I. - Coming Back
08. T.I. - Im Dat Nigga
09. T.I. - We Rollin
10. T.I. - I Know You Miss Me
11. T.I. Feat. Young Dro & Dj Drama - A Town
12. T.I. Feat. Foxy Brown & Jazze Pha - In The Trap
13. T.I. - Get That Money
14. T.I. - Collect Call
15. T.I. - Aint I
16. T.I. - Im Just Doing My Job
17. T.I. - Rubberband Man
18. T.I. - 24's
19. T.I. - Asap
20. T.I. - You Dont Know Me
21. T.I. Feat. Beenie Man - Im Serious
22. T.I. - Why You Wanna
23. T.I. - Swagga Like Us
24. T.I. - Big Shit Poppin (Big Steve Gee Mix)
25. T.I. - On Top Of The World
26. T.I. - Top Back
27. T.I. - Front Back
28. T.I. - Hurt
29. T.I. - You Know What It Is
30. T.I. Feat. Swizz Beatz - Swing Ya Rag
31. T.I. - What Up, Whats Haapnin'
32. T.I. Feat. Rihanna - Live Your Life
33. T.I. - Whatever You Like
34. T.I. Feat. Big Kuntry King - I Do
35. T.I. Feat. Big Kuntry King - Yeah
36. T.I. - 2 Glock Nines
37. T.I. Feat. Akon & Busta Rhymes - Dont Believe Them
38. T.I. - Turnin Me On
39. T.I. - Sip It
40. T.I. - Message To The Government

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Is this a blends/mix tape? Or are those full songs?

In the tradition of writing

In the tradition of writing nothing about the actual mixtape, with regards to the cover, the guy's gonna serve about a couple of months in prison at the most, I don't think he needs a 'Free' campaign. It trivialises real injustices.
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I was just about 2 type

I was just about 2 type that! He aint C-Murder!
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I hope hime, Yung L.A, and

I hope hime, Yung L.A, and Guicci all get a life sentence. Are these full songs on this mixtape?

Bigg Burd you need take you

Bigg Burd you need take you ass back 2 Sesame Street cuz buddy you dumb as tha fuck you gon say you wish him, yung l.a. && gucci a life sentence but then come on a T.I. mixtape && ask are they full songs on the mixtape??!
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the snITch shall return

the snITch shall return

My boy t.i.p

is not a snitch so yall need to shut da fuck up bitches free ti

I like how they use gucci in

I like how they use gucci in handcuffs as t.i's mixtape cover

4 all the bitch azz kidz askin if

this is a real mixtape with full songs... DOWNLOAD THE SHIT AND QUIT WONDERING.


THE KING HAS ALREADY RETURNED ! GUCCI BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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king bun b

THATS WHATS UP!!! you sound like a retard the crown was passed down too bun b from scarface gucci have not sold shit to be a king get real fag!!!!!!

GUCCI is cheeks!!!! the dude

GUCCI is cheeks!!!! the dude is not my type of artist ill stick to my NEW YORK NIGGAS and a lil bit of the south like TI , LUDA , BUN-B RICH BOY ,WAYNE just to name a few ALLL DAYYY!!

what a joke

thats fucking jokes. you're naming fucks like rich boy, wayne?? fuck them ALL DAYY. to name a few... haystak, trae, zro, lil keke, yung redd, slim thug... them cats run laps round them fools. specially them first three .. get some haystak gon murder eminem ill throw that in too.... HIT EM WIT A NOTEBOOK
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THATS WHATS UP!!! ill hate to hear your playlist suck big time hay,z-ro,keke,redd but slim thug on deck sorry homie trae yea thats a good one hahaha.