DJ Focuz - Mixtape Monsters 2


1.Baby Boy Ft Cassidy Damn I Look
2.365 Ft Maino Glasses Malone 24 7
3.Mlb Extra Grind
4.Bun B Ft Lil Wayne Danm Im Cold
5.Juveyel Money Ova Here
6.Dolla Make A Toast
7.Sheek Louch Cant Stop
8.Sheek Louch Styles P Ft J7 Come Follow Me
9.Marvalous Ft Vator Grung Ny To Philly
10.Lil' Wayne - Feel Me
11.Grung Hunger Pains
12.Kanye West - See You In My Nightmares
13.Slaughterhouse Onslaught
14.Krohme Ft Kool G Rap, Chino Xl, C Ray Walz, Sean Price, Hell Razah Goon Opera
15.Cau2g$ Live From Far Rock
16.Trick Trick Ft Royce The 59 All Around The World
17.St Laz Ft Opium Back To Back [
18.Arlis Micheals Ft Mike Baggz Freestyle
19.Emilo Rojas Free
20.Nikal Fieldz Tell Me This Is A Dream
21.Doughboy - Collections
22.Nique Thug Music Freestyle
23.Young Chris Wu Tears Freestyle
24.Nucci Reyo Ft St Laz Barack Obama Yes I Can

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If you like this you're gonna love this. Trust.
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dude you're annoying. chill

dude you're annoying. chill with that shit.