DJ Got Now, DJ Kris Stylez & DJ Billy Ho Present Game - Cant Leave Rap Alone The West Needs Me 2


01. The Game - Voicemail Intro (0:31)
02. The Game - Big Money [Prod. By Cool And Dre] (3:32)
03. The Game Feat. Gucci Mane & Timbaland - Krazy (4:12)
04. The Game Feat. Twista - No Love (2:27)
05. The Game Feat. Akon - Gangsta Party (2:26)
06. The Game - Cigar Music 2 (Got Now Remix) (0:50)
07. The Game Feat. Ludacris - Its About To Go Down (Got Now Remix) (2:30)
08. The Game - Kris Stylez Checks In (Interlude) (0:37)
09. The Game - Doe Boys (Got Now Remix) (4:18)
10. The Game - Im A Maniac (3:01)
11. The Game - Trunk Music (0:59)
12. The Game Feat. Triple C's - Gangsta Shit (4:29)
13. The Game Feat. Richie Wess - My Bitch (1:54)
14. The Game Feat. DPG - Anybody (Got Now Remix) (2:45)
15. The Game - Hands In The Air (Got Now Remix) (1:09)
16. The Game Feat. Snoop Dogg, DPG & Dr. Dre - Candy (Got Now Remix) (3:43)
17. The Game - Cant Stop Wont Stop (Throwback) (1:08)
18. The Game - Im So Wavy (2:32)
19. The Game Feat. Jaz-O - Gangstas Ride (3:07)
20. The Game Feat. Andre Merritt - Better Days (4:30)
21. The Game Feat. C-Ride - Dat What It Is (3:37)
22. The Game - Kris Stylez Speaks (Interlude) (0:31)
23. The Game - Champion (3:20)
24. The Game - American Dream (1:51)
25. The Game Feat. Raheem Devaugh - Touchdown (Got Now Remix) (3:09)
26. The Game - Kris Stylez Speaks (Interlude) (0:26)
27. The Game - Laugh Now Cry Later (3:01)
28. The Game Feat. Nipsey Hussle - Bullets (Remix) (1:33)
29. The Game - Bang Along (3:38)
30. The Game - Meet The Game (Got Now Remix) (2:00)
31. The Game - Better On The Other Side (1:52)
32. The Game Feat. Raekwon - Flashback Memories (3:17)
33. The Game - Kris Stylez Outro (0:36)

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Is dis official?

Is dis official?
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Niggaz need to wake tha fuck up N quit sleepin on dis nigga.....
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Damn near half this shit iz old!!! I aint hatin tho cuz Game been my nigga since day 1. I cant wait for this niggaz RED album to DROP! He usually makes shit you can bump without skippin no songs. From start to end shit iz lava.... Big ups to my nigga.... GGGGGGGG-uNOT!!!!


He aight...

Games good as fuck i dunno

Games good as fuck i dunno why sum of these tracks are on here (im so wavy??) hella old but he a lot better than most people give him credit for THATS BLACK WALLSTREET FOR YA

fuck this fake ass slop ass

fuck this fake ass slop ass nigga fake ass rapper aint shit since since his daddy 50 drop his lame elimidate ass
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Nah yungin, you got shyt all twizted up! I think iz the other way around. 50 has'nt been shyt since TheGame left. My nigga crushed the she-unit empire ALL BY HIMSELF!! Game put the "G" On G-unit duke. Now the "G" on the unit stands for GARBAGE!

ya im the first to give 50

ya im the first to give 50 his props but COME ON nigga jus put out an album with half the songs hooks are one liners from past songs, he way past his day i aint aboutta shout GAY-unit or nothin but game dun took over 50 a while back
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man wtf u talkin bout? Yea

man wtf u talkin bout? Yea Curtis was wack (the cd) but Before I Self Destruct was dope as fuck
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game is a bitch 100%, nuff said. and 50 cent is too. but game does got sum ight tracks he has come out wit i ain goin to lie. and yea i listen to um. but watch some shit bout game and you will find out da truth bout dis bitch boi.
๑۩۞۩๑ Mista-843 ๑۩۞۩๑! (south killalina)
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Official? Yes? No?
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yh sir... have most of this

yh sir... have most of this already but Game is real tight. 50 fucked up when he let him go for sure. cant wait for RED!!!...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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So I was excited when I saw

So I was excited when I saw this but then I see it's all old
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Its a collection of old hits

All his best Mixtape hits in one, if you aint been keepin up with game in the past 4 months this is for you, Game is slowly turning me into a fan he just gotta stop lettin certain niggas feature in his shit (ya'll know who im talkin bout)..
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I cant respect the man so i wont respect his music--he doesnt even really beef with anyone i like that much but its his flip flopping and his past that gets to me...either way if its his hits ill take it
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nobody knows shit about the

nobody knows shit about the west except the west--niggas sayin that east coast fell then the west must have died...not even saying west coast is shit, just nobody hears about it
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Even Taliban terrorists like

Even Taliban terrorists like rap now, and yall said hip-hop is dead! I think if I had a bomb strapped around my chest some good ol OJ would help me push that button!!

yea but

dninc wrote:
he just gotta stop lettin certain niggas feature in his shit (ya'll know who im talkin bout)..
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
ya but i aint gunna lie i was bumpin krazy when it came out,i can live with 1 or 2 twista or akon features without killin me gucci jus got luckay

west coast don't need a

west coast don't need a fucknigga like game, west coast don't need a goddamn thing, we alright
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Your ignorant

Your ignorant
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Old shit....dudes been slippin since the docs advocate. Like that one guy said, we dont need a thing.
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