J-Love & The Game - West Coast Rebirth

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01 The Game - Compton
02 The Game - No More Fun And Games
03 The Game - Why You Hate The Game (feat. Nas)
04 The Game - No Mercy (feat. Cuban Link)
05 The Game - Growing Up In The Hood (feat. Obie Trice)
06 The Game - 1970 Something (feat. Notorious B.I.G & Faith Evans)
07 The Game - Dead Bodies (feat. Prodigy)
08 The Game - Gotta Get It (feat. Jay-Z & Dr.Dre)
09 The Game - Hustlers (feat. Nas)
10 The Game - Wouldn't Get Far (feat. Kanye West)
11 The Game - Hate It Or Love (feat. 50 Cent)
12 The Game - Doctors Advocate (feat. Busta Rhymes)
13 The Game - Still Crusin (feat. Eazy E)
14 The Game - Where I M From
15 The Game - Runnin' (feat. Tony Yayo)
16 The Game - Behind Us (feat. Kanye West & Ludacris)
17 The Game - Dreams
18 The Game - Street Music (feat. Sheek)
19 The Game - Black Wall Street (feat. Jim Jones & Juelz Santana)
20 The Game - Never Be Friends
21 The Game - Hard Liquor
22 The Game - Too Much
23 The Game - Crack Music

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try and try

I keep givin the game a go but it doesn't work, buttafly on the face-then covered up, he neva knew Eazy,he's a new jack tryin to level with Dre, Bittin Dre,tellin snoop and jay to push there releases back,no flow and monotone as fuck,fuckin hell!!!!
I do admit he duz have good rhymes and knows how to pick beats but all of the above is too fuckin much, along with Lil Wayne kissin baby fuck man i was really in the carter 2 and 1.

at the end of the day its all music and entertainment, what the fuck do u do!

shut the fuck up

shut the fuck up

who u listen 2 then? fifty fuckin cent or sum shit? how can u say that shit, game hot, u can listen to this mixtape thru, even wid the old tracks. u said urself he has good rhymes and picks quality beats. surely thats enough, thats what u should be listenin to?! not lookin at his tatooos n shit. that just makes u look like a fuckin idiot... sayin u dont like an artist cuz of that shit. just accept that hes sick. and what u on bout weezy 4? he aint on dis tape. n u all go on bout that kiss like u jealous! weezys sick, puttin out fiya at the moment. maybe u should start actually listenin to tunes, not lookin at mixtape covers.

u got game's shit on ur dik

theres so manny dope rappers and game is ur choice! u must have alot of time on ur hands to listen to em all,u should be in to acting and shit cuz u can dress up and be who u wanna be-i-yitch, just like game,oh yeah He goin at Rass Kass(worth capital letters) u gota be a stoooopid mudahfuka mayne!!!!

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give it a break he did also say one of the reasons is cos game is monotone and even tho i love the ish game puts out, lately he has been fallin into that trap and hopefully he'll come out.
And there's plenty of better alternatives not just fifty cent (dunno why he was the first one that came to your head) - such as The Roots, Talib, GLC, Consequence, Common but then again your into that hardcore shit probably and really thats cool but give it a break the kid was just expressin an opinion and your gonna jump on him like he insulted your moms? Game doesnt give a shit if you stand up for him, he needs you to buy his album.

Old Shit

damm.. these is all old tracks.. wasnt game sposed to drop the BWS Journal vol 2. whatever happed to that shit?

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BWS Over!

Juice is like da only rapper left On Da BWS Label,Check the roster, all of em left with games brother to start Brazil and Wilmington Ent. So probably wont be no BWS Journal 2. They found out he dont care about dem so he left there ass, watch his brothers dvd, he'll tell u.


Old Shit

damm.. these is all old tracks.. wasnt game sposed to drop the BWS Journal vol 2. whatever happed to that shit?

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come on Game is one of the illest rappers, this man made some major tracks, he brought the west back. You gotta have respect for this hot compton rapper.

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Fuck game man...dude's a

Fuck game man...dude's a fuckin biter and can't spit a verse without droppin' somebody's fuckin' name...I'm from the West Coast and we ain't feelin' that nigga out here like that cuz we know this nigga ain't real...he's a fuckin' clown and a wannabe...he didn't live the life his brother did...fuck this clown.


speak on it bro

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jay da best biter..game bites a few times but most rappers do...yea if game mentions names dat means he's real n not scared or bullshiitin like dem scared rappers sayin shit but mention no names. n game gives credit 2 those that deserve it game def is a gangsta but he aint as hard as his brother THATS CUZ HIS BROTHER'S A BOSS! who da fuk is realer in da industry...50?...i wanna know who u think is real though 4 real?

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C-Muder & Master P

Never hear a fuck nigga calling em out saying they fake.

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1 of them kills lil kids that rap better then him n the other has shows on nickolodian n no limit been out since 90s n filed 4 bankrupcy a few years ago.

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Scarface, Jayo Felony, Mitchy Slick, C-Bo...the list goes on, but check on these niggaz...that's wuts real...not game man.

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all of them hide under the scene they aint out like game. i dunno y anybody think game is fake...if game went out sayin he blood wit a blood tat on his neck n he was "fake" like u n g-unit fans say he is the real bloods would put a hit on him...he aint hard 2 find game dont walk round wit bodyguards like 50...nobody has ever repped dey set so fukin publicly like game has...so all u people sayin game is fake r obviously nothin but haters and/or g-unit fans dats it...game aint fake cuz he still here n his lyrics r real talk thats y he names names n he backs his shit up. bws n his brother had beef ova money...no shit...y da fuk would game give all his hard earned money 2 people who aint doin shit...game bought dem chains cars n otha shit n dey some greedy ass bitches who want more so game sez fuck'em.

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dem niggas u named fuk wit game too so how u still gon hate?

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niggaz ain't gon' pass up on

niggaz ain't gon' pass up on no money man...it's not like these niggaz are his homeboys...they don't fuck wit game on that level, I'm just statin' my opinion, it seems like you're hatin' on G-Unit anyway....but if u need more names here's more: Yukmouth, Messy Marv, Crooked I, Sly Boogie...I'm just stickin' to the West right now but I can go further...game is trash.

Dank96's picture

i got 5 on it! HAHA

hahaha yukmouth naw man i cant take u seriously wit dat 1 man same thing wit sly boogie dude is bogus. i aint even gon bother wit dis back n forth talk ne mo since u nameing goofy wack ass niggas like yukmouth n sly haha im out manne! remember scarface asked game on a track so scarface paid game. i dont think game is da best rapper out at all but game is def real as fuk.

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u a fuckin' cornball

u a fuckin' cornball homie...u obviously don't know what real is man...everybody got an opinion, and mine is that you don't know shit...

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CORNY!? hahaha u da dude that think sum lil leprachaun nigga 4'5 dat has 5 on a sack is hard n another goofy ass nigga wit cheesy lyrics is real too. u dont haveta get mad cuz i know real n u listen 2 da radio. yukmouth a pussy 2 he n game had beef den yuk tries 2 make peace on a track wit game n game disses yuk on his own track. u da corny muthafuker wit brokeass redman bein ur idol. i found a pattern u b listen 2 sum goofy ass rappers dats y da shit u b sayin iz goofy as fuk 2.game aint nearly da best rapper but he real unlike dem broke goofy ass muthafukers u listen 2.

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shut up bitch...

and who do u listen to nigga? talkin' all reckless and shit...I see a pattern too, u on game's nuts in every comment u make...just stay on dudes dick since u like him so much...Redman and Yukmouth are corny rappers...I swear, u must be in 4th grade nigga...like I said before, u need a history lesson young'n.

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history lesson?

i aint on games dick i said game aint nearly da best rapper but hes real...i listen 2 pac, g rap, rakim, kane, gang starr, big l, joell, papoose, big pun, ali, das efx, grand puba, cl smooth, t-rock, eazy e, hell rell, raekwon, weezy etc... i listen 2 real rappers not lil bitch niggas like yuk n goofy rappers like redman n wackjob wanna gangstas like 50. redman da black em ..well excually em da white red cuz dey both rap but goofy ass shit..i liked red wit da hit squad wit k-solo n dasefx but since ill b dat he been 2 goofy.

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good for you, I'm not gonna

good for you, I'm not gonna shit on anybody u named cuz I listen to them niggaz too...but really, if I mention Yuk and all u can think of is "I got 5 on it" then u obviously don't know about Yuk's shit...and talkin' 'bout Sly Boogie bein' a clown...HA! dude will rip your favorite rapper anyday...have you heard that joint he did over weezy's "Go D.J." beat? if not, find that shit. You're not familiar wit wut I'm talkin' bout so don't act like u do...leave the West Coast talk to niggaz that really know the West...cuz the only West Coast nigga u mentioned was Eazy...is that becuz game has a tattoo of him?
I hope not.

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pac is da king of da west wut u talkin bout man! jus cuz pac was born in ny pacs style was west n he held da west down mo den any other west coast rapper pac da reason y west coast was hotter den east in da early n mid 90s no1 threw mo w's den pac n pac was livin in da west as a kid n started 2 rap in da west so pac from da west. naw man i been listen 2 eazy in da 90s hes da only 1 i liked from nwa...i like east coast rappers mo cuz dey got da sickest flows n i do listen 2 other west coast rappers like crooked i, mac dre, too short, dj quik, dogg pound, mc eiht, spice 1, lynch hung, cmw, above the law, rodney o n joe cooley etc..

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who was talkin' about Pac? why'd you bring him up? Pac is a legend, he's on another level so why even mention Pac, it's a given...everybody knows he was the best...I think u missed what I was sayin'...just look for Sly Boogie- The 5th Letter Mixtape and listen to it...dude is so underrated, he can spit.

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i mentioned pac b4 n u said da only west coast rapper i mentioned was eazy e.

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All of this is pretty much old shit. On the real, some shit here dates back to late '04/'05.

I'll pass.

for real, just get over it,

for real, just get over it, games hot no matter what you say

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nao way...

u crazy man...game is a sucka

why wuld you say fuck game

why wuld you say fuck game but hav a redman pic....i mean reggie sick but game wuld show him up all day

O.G. Kush's picture

awwww hell naw...how old are

awwww hell naw...how old are u nigga, like 4 years old or somethin'? u must be on drugs to say some wildass shit like that...wow! I just respect real Hip-Hop my nigga...sounds like u need a history lesson.

nigga fuck you bitch you

nigga fuck you bitch you must be on some wild ass shit you a fuckin bum i ain on games dick but i dunt like bein disrespected like dat nigga i gave regg sum props unlike yo hatin bitch ass

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sensitive...damn...calm down

sensitive...damn...calm down nigga.

its koo dawg im jus sayin my

its koo dawg im jus sayin my opinion you kno n i dunt want shots takin at me i ain trynna take shots at you but dat one komment kinda pissed me off kuz i ain no youngin n i kno my shit

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I feel u...

it's nothin'...niggaz just love hip hop.

drama starta

fuck mayne!!!!!!!
bottom line game is not the hotest he's a fuckin new jack claimin 2 know Eazy!!!he neva did, how can u disrespect a Pioneer like that and get NWA tats.
thats like pissin on the colums that hold this gangsta shit up!!!

fair enough i seen the "stop snitchin" Dvd after that i had respect for him for bein out in the hood, but that might have been 1-3 off occasion!

when u look all the great rappers Papoose,Saigon,Lil Scrap,TI,Bun B, Ghostface and Trife,so and so on these mafaucas got rhythmic flows and tones more animation more charachter!

Like i said at the top of the page these alot more dudes that should be gettin all the attention. Game is ok but he bittin Dre name droppin 24-7 to start his shit it's all about respect!!!

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lil scrappy?!

lil scrappy a great rapper!? naw man cant b lil scrappy has no lyrics he juz 1 of dose wannabe crunk niggas dat shout he has absolutely no flow at all!

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yeh um maybe when he came out? check his BET rap city 'freestyle' and you will hopefully change your mind

Dank96's picture

seen it

i thought it was alright but his album was awful..wat good r freestyles if u cant make good records...like nas choked on radio n in the booth but hes a legend wit legendary albums so u have ur good n bad freestyles but if u cant write shit u aint shit.


Lil scrap is straight south ruckus!!!!! thats cool if u not feelin him,maybe u should check Bohagon too, u would love that shit aswell!!!!!

shut the fuck up

So I see some internet gangstaz here... O.G. Kush ? What the fuck, so u r Orginal Gangsta right? Who have you killed man? I bet that you neva eva been in popo's car, and u r talkin such a shit.. game's clown.. you wouldn't say this to his face but you can post it..yeah, fuckin og.

And what's up about game.. I respect that nigga, he was street dude, but he got outta there, and it's good, every street man would like to do this. Maybe now, sometimes he acts like a idiot, like a some big gangsta, but.. I just listens to his rap, don't give a fuck what man he is, I'm not fuckin gay.

Otherwise, C-Murder, Yukmouth all that rappers... mates, you rly belive that mainstream rappers are in da streetz? are gangsta? fuck, they have much dollaz, they don't give a fuck. C-Murder... hm, maybe he is real (fuckin maybe), but he aint got skillz. Master-P ? Comee oonn, you gonna be kiddin me.

Buuuuuuuut, if u rly wanna some straight hardcore rapper from the street, check Uncle Murda, probably he is the real one.


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Uncle Murder is the hardest

Styles P was bragging in his discussion with 50, being the harest in the streets.
Uncle Murder definetly holds the title, his style cuts you like a blade and you still can't get enough.
The sick beats from Green Lantern make Say Uncle 2 Hard For Hip Hop & Respect The Shooter two of the hardest and most original mixtapes ever made.

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the Welcome To Compton series from Cutmaster C and Game is sick.
If you can't find it, reply, and I'll upload.

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def not

da hardest mixtape is hell rell streets wanna know...hell rell is lyrically there every track is hot n there is not 1 single bitch track. hell rell has never made a bitch track so far so hell rell holdest da title hardest out. uncle juz has a hard gutta voice hell rell got lyrics.

yeh hell rell

''styles p nah i aint comin 4 ya spot, i say im the hardest out whether u like it or not''. but then again styles p is 1 of ma fav hardcore lyricists, n i dont rekon hell rell could fuck wit im.

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i like styles p alot 2 but styles has a bunch of bitch trax so he cant b da hardest out...styles is a good lyricist been in da game awhile but hell rell doesnt have 1 bitch song yet n he good n hard so he's da hardest out