DJ Green Lantern - Myspace Invasion 6

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1-C Da Truth - Scrilla
2-Big Trip Aka Trip Larkin - I'm Riding
3-Da Mike Man - Ima Beast
4-Bomb Official - S.I.N.Y 10310
5-G.R. - I Want It All
6-Express Money - You Don't Know Me
7-Lstreetz - On 100
8-Elohim Marino - Ego Trippin
9-Sonik & K-Blitz - Cousin Vinnie ( Prod By Vinsane )
10-Mafia Black - Pain ( Prod By Supa Mario )
11-Smoke Loc, Pablize, J-Quest - I'm Better
12-Amun Ra - Rude Awakening
13-Entell - It's My Swagg
14-C-Money - Tornado Money
15-Legacy A.K.A Blaque Reign - Selfmade
16-Stallion - Just 4 The Freaks
17-Lx Traq Feat. Tre100's - What It Is
18-Deen --┴bang (Prod. J Classic)
19-Anart & Phenom - Scheme
20-Burntmd - Bang Out ( Prod By Reef Ali )
21-Rugged Soulz - How Many Mc's
22-Ramo - Show Me What You Got ( Prod By Main Event West )
23-Klassick Ft. K-Prime - Can't Stop ( Prod By Jus10 Gotti )
24-Money Hoop - Barz
25-Jus Cuzz - Jesus This Beat
26-A.Moss - Backwoods
27-The Rm - Never Let Me Go
28-Antix & Hustle Barz - Cool It Down
29-Joseph Solomon - Guerilla Rhymefare
30-3Rd Wheel Ft. Eternal - Love Again ( Prod By Ace Ha )
31-730 - Dance With The Devil
32-Dice Ft J Bust - I Promise
33-Bilistic & Komplx - Yeeahh!!
34-Dj Flexx - The Unsung Flexx

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this cover is Garbage

this cover is Garbage
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ha ha...yeah Green Lantern

ha ha...yeah Green Lantern is that dude but that cover is wack as fuck! This whole concept is this a compilation of all those dudes that try to add you as a friend if you post a comment on a famous rapper/producer's page?
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you sleeping on me

throw me on the next one I will expand your mind with my flow!!!!Young Denaro $$Loyalty and Respect$$ check out my music,straight fire
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Look this was the best he

Look this was the best he could find on myspace and this mixtape is so fuckin wack I cant believe I even downloaded it. Those Walgreens photo shops are cool huh, they put a pick of me on a Sports Illustrated I might get me one of those hip hop ones next but I prob wont use mine as my avatar